33 Best Beard Styles for 2023

Beards are awesome!

They have been stylish for many years and will continue to do so in the future.

But with so many different styles available, it might be hard to choose the right one.

That’s what we’re about to find out in today’s blog post.

I won’t just tell you 33 best beard styles, how to grow them, and which one suits you best. So if that sounds interesting to you, then keep on reading.

Why Grow A Beard?

While most women prefer a clean-shaven man, it doesn’t matter. You can still look fantastic with a beard! A beard helps you to look like you have a stronger chin and jawline. Plus, you’ll look manly doing it.

So why not try it out! You might be pleasantly surprised by how you’ll look.

33 Best Beard Styles To Try Out

#01 – Clean Shaven

Face Shape: Oval, Diamond

While not really a beard style, it’s still something to mention. A clean-shaven look is fantastic for any man who has a strong jawline and chin. Plus, it’s loved by women the most.

Maintenance: Maintaining this look is easy. You just have to shave often. Once you see new hairs growing, just take out your razor and shave cream, and shave it off. Then just add some after-shave to make your skin softer.

#02 – Stubble

Face Shape: Any

A stubble or 5 o’clock shadow is a fantastic look on any man. It’s a great look that women love, but it needs some regular grooming.

Maintenance: To maintain this look, you’ll have to constantly take out your bread trimmer to cut down the growth of the hair. Also, never forget to shape it from your neck and cheeks. You don’t want to look like you forgot to shave!

#03 – Long Stubble

Face Shape: Any

A Long Stubble is a mix between stubble and a short beard. It should be long enough to be a bit darker in colour, but not so long that facial hair covers your skin.

Maintenance: Maintaining this look is the same as for stubble. Just let it grow a bit more and cut down less.

#04 – Full Beard

Face Shape: Oval, Diamond, Square, Triangle

A full beard is a beard that has been grown naturally. The length should be around 2 inches or 5 cm below the chin. It takes at least 4 weeks to grow, but could also take up to 3 months!

Maintenance: Focus on trimming your sides, and front. This will give your beard a well-trimmed look. You also want to put on some beard oil to keep it looking good and soft.

#05 – Ducktail

Face Shape: Diamond, Square, Round, Inverted Triangle

A ducktail is a beard similar to a full beard. The only notable difference is that it’s shaped to be pointed around the chin. You’ll need to grow your beard for at least 2 to 3 months before shaping.

Maintenance: Start by brushing your beard. Then you’ll need to use a beard trimmer to start shaping your beard. Make sure that it gets pointy on the end. Then clean your sides and front for a clean look. And lastly, add some beard oil to finish it!

#06 – French Fork

Face Shape: Diamond, Square, Round, Inverted Triangle

French Fork Beard is basically the same as ducktail, but instead of having one pointy end, it has two. The style has become popular again thanks to the fictional character Captain Jack Sparrow.

Maintenance: The maintenance is mostly the same as for ducktail beard. To get the two points you can either use beard wax or trim it.

#07 – Verdi

Face Shape: Diamond, Square, Round, Inverted Triangle

If you’re looking for a sophisticated look, then Verdi is just for you. The beard style is named after an Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi. It’s a shorter beard that is no more than 4 inches or 10 cm long. It also rocks a moustache with curly ends.

Maintenance: To shape your beard, you need to use a beard trimmer with a 1-inch guard comb to shorten your sideburns. Then either by using beard scissors or a beard trimmer to cut the bottom part of your beard into a natural round shape. Then shape your moustache with beard wax.

#08 – Garibaldi

Face Shape: Diamond, Square, Round, Inverted Triangle

Just like Verdi, this beard has been named after an Italian. It was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was a military general and politician. The beard style rocks a naturally grown moustache brushed to the side and a shorter beard no more than 5 inches or 12 cm.

Maintenance: Use your beard trimmer without a guard comb to carve out a rough round and natural-looking beard shape. Then brush your moustache to the sides.

#09 – Bandholz

Face Shape: Diamond, Square, Round, Inverted Triangle

This beard style was named after Eric Bandholz. The beard is quite long and has a distinctive look. And the best part, everything is grown naturally and doesn’t need a lot of grooming. But it will take about six months to grow.

Maintenance: Maintenance is relatively easy. Just let it grow freely, and trim your cheeks and neck to give it a clean look. Also, brush your moustache to the side to complete the look.

#10 – Soul Patch

Face Shape: Any

This is a mini beard that gained popularity in the 1950s. It looks just like the Toothbrush moustache, but instead of being on top of your upper lip, it is under your lower lip.

Maintenance: It’s a low maintenance beard. All you’ll have to do is trim the small beard above your chin to the shape you want.

#11 – Goatee

Face Shape: Round, Triangle, Oval, Diamond

A goatee is a beard style with facial hair on your chin. The placement and shape of this beard resemble the hair on the chin of a goat.

Maintenance: First, shave your moustache. Then comb and trim your beard. Then take away your guard comb from your beard trimmer, and remove any unwanted hair from your sides. Then just use a precision trimmer to shape it for a clean look.

#12 – Chin Curtain

Face Shape: Diamond, Oval

This beard style is that beard that runs through your jawlines and chin. It got popular in the 70s due to Alvaro Pombo, who was a writer. It usually takes less than a month to get this beard style.

Maintenance: Start by shaving your moustache. Then you’ll have to use a beard trimmer to remove all the facial hair around cheeks, neck, and other areas until you only have hair on your jawline, chin. Just don’t remove your sideburns.

#13 – Extended Goatee

Face Shape: Round, Triangle, Oval, Diamond, Square

An extended Goatee is the same as a usual Goatee. The difference is that you also rock a moustache. Plus, you’ll have some more facial hair on the sides.

Maintenance: The maintenance is about the same as Goatee. Just don’t shave off your moustache, and let some hair grow on your sides.

#14 – Circle Beard

Face Shape: Oval, Round, Square

A circle beard is a combination of a trimmed moustache and a goatee. The length of this beard is about 3-5 mm. It’s a beard style that both Brad Pitt and Kanye West rock.

Maintenance: First, shave your cheeks, chin, and neckline to remove unwanted facial hair. Then take your beard trimmer and trim it to your chosen length.

#15 – Balbo

Face Shape: Oval, Square, Diamond, Round

Balbo consists of 2 parts. It’s a beard that’s similar to a goatee and a moustache.

Maintenance: First, use a beard trimmer with a comb attachment (2-6mm) to get to the desired length. Then shave your cheeks, neck and the area around your lower lip to give the moustache a floating look. Finally, define your beard shape by trimming your moustache and beard areas to get the Balbo look.

#16 – Anchor

Face Shape: Oval, Square, Diamond, Round

Anchor is a similar design to Balbo, just a bit more trimmed. It’s a beard style that has been rocked by many celebrities, including Robert Downey Junior. So if you want to look like Mr Stark, this is the beard you’re looking for.

Maintenance: About the same as Balbo. Just trim a bit more to give it that clean look.

#17 – Van Dyke

Face Shape: Round, Square, Oval

Named after a famous 17th-century painter, it’s a beard style similar to a circle beard. The only difference is that the moustache and beard don’t connect. It’s been rocked by multiple celebrities, most famously by Johnny Depp.

Maintenance: First, trim your facial hair to the desired length. Then shave off your sideburns, cheeks, and around your lower lip. Then cut your moustache and facial hair to the desired look.

#18 – Imperial Moustache

Face Shape: Oblong, Square, Triangle, Diamond

Imperial Mustache is usually confused with a Hungarian.  The difference is that it curls up. And since it’s similar to Hungarian, it’s a thicker moustache.

Maintenance: Since it’s a moustache style, you should shave your beard off. Then comb the moustache to the sides. Then just use beard wax to curl them up.

#19 – Side Whiskers

Face Shape: Diamond, Oblong, Oval, Round, Square, Triangle

Side Whiskers is a beard style similar to a full beard, but it doesn’t have any hair on the chin and lower lip. You could also shave off your moustache for this look.

Maintenance: Let your hair grow for at least four weeks. Then shave your chin and the area around it. And lastly, trim your beard to the shape.

#20 – Mutton Chops

Face Shape: Diamond, Oblong, Oval, Round, Square, Triangle

Mutton Chops are long sideburns that are connected with a moustache. It was prevalent in the 19th century. It’s very similar to Side Whiskers, just a bit less extended.

Maintenance: Let your beard grow for about a month. Then use a beard trimmer with a comb to trim it to your desired length. Then just shave the area around your chin and below the lower lip. Finish it off by shaping it with your beard trimmer (no comb attachment), and add some beard oil to make it soft and shiny.

#21 – Hulihee

Face Shape: Diamond, Oblong, Oval, Round, Square, Triangle

It’s similar to mutton chops but has a trimmed moustache and sideburns.

Maintenance: The maintenance is the same as for mutton chops, just let the hair grow out a bit.

#22 – Horseshoe

Face Shape: Oblong, Square, Triangle

Horseshoe is a moustache style where the moustache continues to go down the face until reaching the neckline. It’s basically an inverted-U. They are also known as biker moustaches.

Maintenance: Start by growing a full goatee or a circle beard. Then shave all the excessive facial hair around the chin and sides until you get a rough inverted U shape. Then, use your beard trimmer to trim the beard to its desired look. Add beard oil to finish the look.

#23 – Zappa

Face Shape: Any

This beard style is named after a musician called Frank Zappa. The beard style rocks a thick soul patch and a thick moustache. It’s great for those who want to have that cool Dad look.

Maintenance: Before trimming, let your facial hair grow out. You need a thick moustache and soul patch for it. Then when it’s thick enough, shave everything off except your moustache and lower lip area. Then just shape it into the desired shape, and put some beard oil to finish the look.

#24 – Walrus

Face Shape: Round, Oval, Triangle

Walrus is a thick moustache that’s quite bold. But on the upside, it’s very easy to groom and shape. All you have to do is let it grow.

Maintenance: It’s effortless to maintain this type of moustache. All you have to do is just let it grow! You can comb it to the side and add some beard oil to finish the look.

#25 – Painter’s Brush

Face Shape: Any

Painter’s Brush is a thick moustache, just like a chevron. The only difference is that it doesn’t go below the lower lip. The most iconic person to wear this type of moustache is Ron Burgundy.

Maintenance: Let your moustache grow. Just keep trimming along the top lip to give it that horizontal line look.

#26 – Chevron

Face Shape: Diamond, Oval, Round

Chevron is a thick moustache that keeps its natural look. It’s wider than its mouth corners and partially covers your upper lip. It’s a perfect style for those who love Freddie Mercury.

Maintenance: Just like with Painter’s Brush, let it grow naturally. All you’ll have to do is trim the edges and cut the longer hairs at the area of your upper lip. The hair shouldn’t reach your mouth.

#27 – Handlebar

Face Shape: Diamond, Oval, Triangle

The handlebar is an impressive looking moustache. It’s the thick moustache that has curled ends. The most famous people that have worn it were William Howard Taft and Rollie Fingers.

Maintenance: Before shaping, you’ll have to let your moustache grow. This could take six months or up to a year. Then you can start shaping it. You’ll have to frequently shave hair beneath your handles and comb it to the sides. Also, you’ll have to wax your moustache to have those curly ends.

#28 – Pencil

Face Shape: Oval, Diamond, Heart

Pencil is a very slim moustache that not a lot of men can pull off. There have been many famous people who wore it like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Eddie Murphy.

Maintenance: For this look, you’ll have to do a lot of trimming. First, you should cut the sides, so the moustache is the same width as the mouth. Then you’ll have to make it thinner by trimming on the top. You should also trim a bit of a gap between your upper lip and moustache to get that signature look.

#29 – Toothbrush (Not recommended)

Toothbrush moustache is a mini moustache known for two iconic people of history – Charlie Chaplin and you know who.

Maintenance: To get this infamous moustache, you’ll just have to shave the sides of your moustache. But do you really want to grow it? It’s not acceptable nowadays for obvious reasons.

#30 – Lampshade

Face Shape: Square, Diamond, Oval, Round

Lampshade moustache is named after the shape of it. It’s a moustache style labelled as a cop moustache due to the regulations for service members.

Maintenance: Grow your moustache naturally. Just keep brushing it and removing any hair that gets to your upper lip.  Additionally, make sure your sides are no longer than the width of your mouth

#31 – Zorro

This iconic moustache was named after the fictional character Zorro. It’s similar to handlebars, but instead of having curly ends, it’s straight, and there’s a little gap in the middle. If you want, then you can add a soul patch to complete the look.

Maintenance: Let your moustache grow for at least four weeks. Then take out your beard trimmer, and shape your moustache into two triangles. There should be a slight gap at the centre of your moustache.

#32 – English

Face Shape: Diamond, Oval, Triangle

English Moustache is a thinner and shorter moustache. It’s similar to handlebars, but instead of the ends being waxed curly, they are straight.

Maintenance: This moustache type is maintained the same as the handlebars. The only notable difference is that you should wax the ends straight.

#33 –  Dali

Face Shape: Oval, Oblong

This Moustache is named after the famous painter Salvadore Dali. It’s what you would call handlebars on steroids due to having long moustache ends curled upwards

Maintenance: Due to having such long ends, you’re going to need to grow your moustache for six months or longer. The best way to get there is to grow it like a Hungarian. Once you’ve got enough length, you’ll have to trim the middle part of the moustache and wax those ends upward.

#34 – Fu Manchu

Face Shape: Oval, Oblong

Fu Manchu is a straight, thin moustache that was made popular by the fictional villain character Dr Fu Manchu.  It’s basically a Dali moustache, but with two differences – The long ends are waxed downwards, and the space between the two sides of the moustache is longer.

Maintenance: Growing this will take time and patience. You should follow the steps to getting a Dali moustache. Then just trim the middle part so much that the moustache will hang from the mouth corners. Then use wax to shape those sides to get that iconic look.


And that’s it!

Here are 33 best beard styles that every man should try out.

What type of beard style will you try out? If I had to choose, then I would pick Anchor beard.

Why? Because it’s a beard style, I can actually grow.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to look like Tony Stark?..

Best Beard Styles

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