6 Things You Should Have in Your Wallet

When talking about men’s wallets, we always imagine this fat piece of leather that seems to be bulging from a man’s behind. While that is the general or traditional view of a man’s wallet, not all wallets should look like that.

If you ask the experts, your wallet shouldn’t even look like that. Not only is it uncomfortable and unsafe, it can also cause you health problems. Now, I know that we all want to be healthy but the contents of a wallet should be a priority for everyone. After all, it’s our version of “Batman’s Utility Belt”. But is the bulky wallet still the best way to go?

Less is More

Thanks to modern technology (and some common sense), we don’t really have to carry as much on our wallets as our grandfathers did in the earlier days. The idea is pretty simple these days – less is more. The less you carry on your wallet, the better for your health and comfort.

So what should your wallet contain? What are the essentials in any man’s wallet? Should the picture of your favorite Anime character even be in there?

We’ve compiled a list of the items that should be present in any man’s wallet. It’s not the definitive list but it is as simple as simple comes. Note that depending on your disposition and location, the list may sound weird or foreign for you. Nevertheless, here’s our list of the top items that should be present in your wallet.

1. Cash


Of course you have to carry cash. How else are you going to pay for that scrumptious 1$ street food around the corner? People have been constantly telling me to not bring cash but that is unintuitive at the very least. Just make sure you bring enough cash for the small things. I personally bring not more than $100 in cash at all times. It’s enough money to pay for whatever small knick-knacks I find every now and then.

2. Credit Card


Even if we mentioned that you should never bring too much cash, this does not mean you have to leave the house without money on you. At least bring your plastic money with you. A credit card is perfect because it is small, lightweight, and pretty handy for paying for stuff that costs more than $100. If you have more than 1 credit cards, carrying two around will be more than enough. For people who are serious with their finances, bringing a debit and credit card around is perfect for you to budget your money on stuff you buy.

3. ID


It is imperative that you carry your state-issued driver’s license or state ID card at all times. It is also advisable to carry any profession related identification with you on your wallet. Don’t go on carrying around your old college ID or that ID from your membership with the town’s paper puppet lover’s club.

4. Business cards


This is not a requirement but you never know when opportunity knocks so carrying around 3-4 pcs of cards with your name, address, contact number, and line of business/service can be a life saver. They are easy to make and can really be of great help especially when you are out and about meeting new people.

5. Contact/Health Information


While a part of this is already covered by your business card or ID, having your health information with you at all times can be a matter of life and death. This is especially true for people who suffer from certain health conditions where a specific medicine or procedure should be given or done to save a person’s life. Your contact information should always be visible in your wallet in case it gets lost and somebody decides to return it to you. Might not happen 100% of the time but if ever it does, it will be a lot easier for the good Samaritan.

6. Favorite Discount Cards


Putting less on your wallet does not mean having to spend more on the stuff you eat or buy every day. Bringing your favorite discount cards with you just means you can still a good deal even with a slimmer wallet. Just make sure you only carry the ones that you will probably use on that specific trip. No point bringing your National Park Frequent Visitor card on your trip to the grocery, right?

Now take at your wallet now. Does it feel lighter? Does it seem like you dropped a few years’ worth of luggage from your wallet? It should be comfortable to bring now and will no longer be a danger to your health. In case it still feels weird using, why not consider buying a front pocket wallet? They are designed to be comfortable to use and are much safer as they are place on your front pocket instead of your back pocket?


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