What Rings Mean on Each Finger [For Men]

Ultimate Guide To Wearing Rings

Rings have become stylish once again and for a good reason. They are an amazing way to level up your outfits and make a statement.

But it goes deeper than that.

Most men don’t have a clue about the finer points of ring wearing etiquette. They don’t know what each finger symbolises, and how to pick the correct ring for it.

That’s why I created this blog post! In here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what each finger symbolises, how to buy the perfect ring, and much more.

If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

Which Hand To Wear?

To put it simply, don’t worry about it! In most cases, it doesn’t matter what hand you’re going to wear it on.

It used to be that wedding rings are mostly worn on the left side. And in some other countries, it’s was the polar opposite. But at the same time, nowadays, it doesn’t really matter. So go with what feels best for you.

But at the same time, some organisations and schools have strict guidelines. So when in doubt, just ask them! They’ll be happy to point it out for you.

Plus, you won’t get into any uncomfortable situations!

On What Finger Should I Wear?

That all depends on you. What type of words do you want yourself to be associated with yourself? There’s a rich history behind wearing rings on each finger, and all of them send a different message.

However, I have to warn you; not everybody understands the meaning behind that. But those who do will notice it.

Thumb Finger

Associated with: wealth, influence

Thumb is a finger that best suits bold statements. The reason why it’s associated with wealth and influence is that it interferes with day-to-day work. So only the most potent and wealthiest people wore it due to not doing any physical work. Plus, they are usually bigger and broader than other rings, which reflects wealth as well.

Nowadays, they are used chiefly used for fashion. You can still wear a bold one there, but keep it simple because you’ll be wearing a big ring anyways!

Index Finger

Associated with: leadership, power, authority

For those who want to lead, this is a great place to put your ring. It’s been associated with these words due to the finger’s gestures like pointing. You can also see a lot of the most powerful people wearing rings there, like the Pope.

Nowadays, this finger is mainly used for membership and family crests, but you can also use it for other rings. The only problem with this finger is that it could interfere with your daily activities.

Middle Finger

Associated with: boldness, balance, responsibility

We all know what the finger is known for. It’s the rude hand gesture you can make with it.

It’s a unique place to put your ring due to being a bit uncomfortable as it could interfere with manual work. But on the other hand, you’ll send a unique message.

The reasoning behind the association with balance is its location. It’s the finger that is in the middle.

So if that’s a message you’d like to send, then this is where you should put your ring.

Ring Finger

Associated with: love, creativity, beauty

This finger is one of the most common places to put a ring on. But do you know the reason why wedding rings are put there?

Before we understood the human body better, it was widely believed that there were veins called “Veins of Love”. The name was given because people thought these “veins” lead to the person’s heart.

So it’s the place you put your wedding ring. But if you’re not married, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear rings there. It’s a comfortable place to put your ring, so go for it. Just don’t put any simple gold or silver rings, or you might send the wrong message.

Pinky finger

Associated with: intelligence, persuasion

The pinky finger doesn’t have any religious associations, but culturally, there is one. In the US, a lot of mafia bosses used to wear rings there.

So this finger is one of the best places to put the boldest rings. This is due to it being a bit distanced from the hand, making the statement more noticeable.

Can you wear rings on both hands?

The answer is yes!

It’s very fashionable to wear rings on both hands. It can help you to declutter your one hand that has too many accessories. So if you want to wear multiple rings, go for it!

Guide to Buying The Perfect Ring

Now that you know all about the symbolism and meaning behind wearing rings, it’s time to find the correct one! But how do you do it?

Here’s my 3-step guide to finding one for yourself:

Step #1 – Identify your style

Before you go and buy a random ring, think about your style. Is it minimal, classy, trendy, rebelling one, or something else? Once you understand what type of style you have, you know what ring suits your everyday look.

P.S If you currently don’t know your style, base it upon the style influencers you want to look like the most.

Step #2 – Find The Perfect Ring

Now all you have to do is find that ring. But where can you find it? Here are my top 3 recommendations:

  • ASOSIf you’re a guy that likes to keep up with the trends, then this place is for you. You can find a large variety of trendy rings, if not the most extensive collection.
  • Amazon – Another place to look for rings is Amazon. There you can easily find affordable rings for any guy, no matter the style.
  • Clocks and Colours– This brand specialises in accessories that are more on the rebel side. So if you want to have a rockstar look, this is where you can find it.

Once you’ve found the perfect ring, you’re ready for the last step

Step #3 – Pick the ideal size

Now all you have to do is pick the correct size. So choose the finger where you are going to wear it and measure it. Once you know your measurements, you know the exact size to pick.

Here’s a picture graph that Biker Ring Shop made that helps you find the correct size to be more straightforward.

Bonus Tip: Get an engraved ring

Want a little bit more than a ring? Why not get it engraved? An engraved ring is excellent for two reasons.

First, you can insert a quote or message that you relate to the most. This makes the ring even more personal to you.

And secondly, it can be a great conversation piece! You can start a conversation (not with a stranger) about the quote and why did you get it engraved. This conversation could make you look more attractive and sophisticated to the person you’re talking to.

3 Rules of Wearing Rings

Now that you understand the history, meaning, and how to buy rings, let’s talk about the rules of wearing them. Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of rules to follow.

Don’t wear too many rings!

If you’re not looking to have the look of a rapper, I would recommend you cut down on the rings. Remember, less is more! My recommendation is that you wear 1-2 rings at a time. If you want, then three rings are also acceptable, but try to space them out by moving one ring to the other hand.

Match your metals

Another thing to keep in mind is to match your metals. This means you should wear the same coloured rings on your fingers. And if you wear other accessories, like belts and watches, try to match those metals as well.

But what if you’re married? Well, in that case, it’s okay not to match your metals. The best thing to do is keep the other ring on your other hand to make it look better.

Wear the appropriate size

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your ring. For fingers like the thumb and index finger, you’re going to need to buy a bigger ring than for your index finger.

Don’t forget the width as well. A very thin ring doesn’t look good! So a ring that is over 4 mm is the best!

Before concluding this blog post, I wanted to tell you one thing. While all these rules help you to look better, you should never religiously follow them! Your mission shouldn’t be just another stylish man. Instead, you should create your unique style. So breaking these rules is okay!


Now you know everything there is to know about wearing rings. You know everything from:

  • The meaning behind wearing them on each finger.
  • How to buy them.
  • And how to style them

So where are you going to wear your ring? Comment down below. I like to wear mine on my index finger due to being associated with leadership and power.

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