8 Hacks for the PERFECT Morning Routine

Have you ever wondered why that attractive man in your office always looks good?

He makes it look effortless. But how does he do it?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer it as I’m not a psychic. But I can confidently say that it’s not only genes but also his morning routine.

The correct morning ritual can set you up for success.

Not only will you look great but also confident.

So without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

2 Things You Need to Know Before Reading This Guide

Before we get into this guide, we need to get two things straight!

First, this routine won’t instantly make you as good-looking as David Beckham. Instead, it will help you start your day faster and look good by implementing helpful habits.

Additionally, you don’t need to follow all the habits in the routine! Some things just won’t work for you, or you lack time to do everything. Instead, you should adopt some of them and test them out. Then you can create a routine that works for you!

So now that you understand those two things, let’s get started!

The One Mistake You Should Avoid

The main thing you should avoid is not sleeping enough. This is bad for both health and style reasons. First, if you sleep less than 7 hours, you will feel tired and will die earlier. Additionally, due to sleeping too little, you’ll get those ugly dark circles under your eyes!

So go to sleep earlier, and in the mornings, you’ll feel more rested, and you’ll become productive!

#1 – Prepare the Night Before

One of the critical habits that makes a morning routine good is preparing for it in the evening. But what things should you prepare before going to bed?

First, I’d recommend you to pick out your outfit. Ask questions like who do I need to impress or what event am I going to! These questions will help you pick the right outfit, and you’ll be ready in no time.

For even quicker mornings, you could also shave or trim your beard, cut your nails, etc. Just eliminate anything that takes up a lot of time in the mornings.

#2 – Get Your Body Moving

Start your day by getting up and start exercising! This is great for two reasons. First, you’ll wake up your body, and secondly, you’ll help yourself get fit.

And it doesn’t need to be a challenging workout. While you could go sweat and lift weights, you can reap the benefits with just a short jog or some pushups and jumping jacks.

So start exercising and see the energy come to your body. Plus, fit people tend to be more attractive, so it’s a no-brainer.

#3 – Wash Yourself in the Shower

Now that you’ve worked out a bit, you might have gotten a bit sweaty. So the best thing is to go and wash it off in the shower. There are multiple benefits to doing it.

First, you’ll get rid of all the dirt and excessive oil on your body. That will make you clean and not smell.

But another beneficial thing is that once you get out of the shower, it’s easier to style your hair.  So a morning shower is a must!

#4 – Do your skin routine

So you just washed your hair and body. Don’t get out of the shower yet! Instead, start with your skincare routine. Washing your face in the shower helps you to save time.

Then when you’ve cleaned your face, dry yourself, and continue with your skincare routine. Start by putting on the moisturizer to add back the moisture you washed away. Then just do the additional steps like putting on your eye cream.

#5 – Style Your Hair

Now, it’s time to style your hair!

First, dry your hair by tapping to avoid any hair loss. Then just take your pre-styler and start styling your hair with a comb and a blow dryer in medium heat. Once in shape, add your finishing product, and you’re done.

If you have short to medium hair, this shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

#6 – Never Forget The Basics!

You’ve washed your body, styled your hair, and completed your skincare routine. Don’t go out of the bathroom just yet.

Instead, do all the basic hygiene! Put on your deodorant to prevent any smelly armpits, and brush your teeth for sparkling white teeth.

#7 – Finish It Off With a Cologne

Now just take a couple of seconds to add the invisible weapon of the most stylish men. That weapon is a good-smelling cologne.

But don’t put too much! 2-3 dashes are fine! You want your smell to be discovered, not smelled a mile away!

#8 – Read out some aspirations

Before you leave the mirror, I want you to read out some aspirations for a few minutes. But why do I wanted you to do it? And what does it have to do with looking stylish?

While it might sound off-topic, it actually isn’t! What I want you to do is start developing a positive self-image. And that helps your look a lot! Not only will you smile more (which is an attractive trait), you’ll also start standing with a straight back thanks to your increased confidence level. A man like this is way more attractive than a man with a reclined back.

So what aspirations should I read out loud? There are many ways you can do it, but it should be one short sentence and written in the first person (I am…, I can…). Here are some examples:

“I am a badass.”

“I get anything I want in life.”

“I can attract any girl due to my great looks and personality.”

While it might feel a bit weird at first, but it will help you build a positive self-image if you do it repeatedly. So don’t stop!


And that’s it! Now you know the habits and things you can do to get ready quicker and look good doing it. So, what type of habits are you going to try out?

Comment them down below; I’d love to hear from you!

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