12 Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Men

Tired of those stubborn body hair reappearing every two days after waxing?

We understand the struggle, and your time is too precious to be investing half an hour in just shaving off an extra bunch of hair daily.

It’s simply frustrating!

But thanks to the ever speeding run of technology towards convenience, many long-term hair removal products have filled up the market. And that includes laser hair removal machines.

Unlike wax or razors, these machines release intense beams of light that effectively retard the hair follicles. Thus eradicating any chances of their return anytime soon.

Although expensive, laser hair removal machines have become immensely popular among clock-tight individuals with a hectic routine searching for a long-term solution. And If you are one of them, you have just stumbled upon the right place.

Below are some of the best laser hair removal machines for men.

All the products mentioned are entirely safe to use, and FDA approved. So just check your needs and pick the one that appeals to you the most!

1.  Philips Lumea BG9041 for Men- Best Overall

Philips Lumea BG9041 is a simply designed featured pack solution that works best for each body part except your bean bag.

Its primary specialty is its compatibility with various skin colors, from light to dark. Its IPL technology makes the process totally painless.

The best thing about it? An automatic skin tone detector integrated inside adjusts the light intensity as per your skin color and tone.

You won’t see those hair growing back after 3 to 4 sessions!

2.  BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device- The Runner Up

One thing you can be sure about is Bosidin painless hair removal device? It literally means business! Apart from the lavish design, it takes the hair removal technology a step ahead and uses OPT instead of IPL.

The effects of OPT are much quicker and more potent than IPL. It provides a somehow permanent or scientifically long-lasting solution to extensive body hair growth, with much more safety.

With a quality that ensures 25 years of flawless service, you’ll be thrilled with the painless results after each session.

3.  Philips Lumia SC1998 IPL Hair Remover- Best BG9041 Alternative

Is the Philips BG9041 too expensive for you to handle? Say no more and get your hands on the SC1998 right now! Why? Because you almost get all the same goodies at a price far lower than its previous counterpart.

It uses the same IPL technology, has flawless, painless results, and is persistently compared to a salon standard laser hair removal.

The only drawback is the lack of intelligent features like auto-adjustment. However, it’s still an excellent entry-level device that will pretty much easily handle your body hair. Keep it away from your pee pee bag, though. You don’t want that extra heat to get in there…;)

4.  Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men- For Extra Precision

As a home-use solution for hair removal, Tria laser hair removal is something that really overpowers its capabilities. The company claims that it is 3-times more powerful than any other model at its price tag and is entirely safe to use.

However, be sure about your skin type and color. Most user experiences suggest that using it on black skin can be excruciatingly painful and ineffective. Use it every two weeks as per your needs to get the best results.

5.  DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System- Best in Comfort

If ultimate comfort and functionality are what you seek, this one might be something of your liking. DEESS laser hair remover is a comparatively budget-friendly and technologically advanced model that uses “the fastest flash” and built-in ice-cool technology to ease down the process.

The machine guarantees 95% hair reduction within the first 12-weeks of use and has 3 lamp sizes to deal with your different body parts. Innovative, well-designed, and more practical, it’s an excellent option for men with oversensitive skin. Say bye to using ice and gels ;).

6.  Sensica Pro Permanent Cordless Hair Removal Device- Best long-term solution

First thing you should know about this device? It’s bulkier than your usual hair removal devices. Plus, it requires a hell of a lot of patience as the results aren’t instant but eventual. With 7-8 regular treatments, it will not only remove the hair but reduce its amount permanently. Moreover, slowing down its regrowth.

Just make sure to follow the directions specified by the manufacturer.

7.   Braun IPL Hair Removal- The most potent

White skin with black hair? Braun IPL hair remover can be your ultimate savior. The machine comes with SensoAdapt technology that adjusts the intensity of flashes as per your skin tone.

However, it is strongly prohibited to use it on the face area near the eyes, sensitive body parts, or any place where the skin tone is darker than recommended. Moreover, never use it more than once a week to treat the same area; it might damage the skin.

8.  Silk’n Infinity Permanent Hair Remover- Safe

Silk’s infinity hair removal guarantees a 92% reduction in hair growth with the first 8 treatments spanning over 15 weeks in total. Unlike its previously mentioned counterparts, it’s small in size and low in weight, so you can easily use it to reach any body part with unwanted hair.

It treats the very roots of your hair and prevents them from regrowth with continued use. Recommended for anyone with a decent budget and a tablespoon of patience.

9.  Remington IPL6000Q Pro Plus Quartz- Great for first-timers

Powered by IPL technology, this machine guarantees 94% hair reduction in just 3 treatments, given the perfect skin and hair color. You can identify this with the skin tone tester that comes within.

Although the results might vary from person to person. A research study suggests that some people had 94.3% less hair after the first 3 treatments, with others averaging a 66% reduction in hair growth after continuing the treatment for 12 months.

With good user experience backing up the claim, it’s a good choice for an inexperienced first-timer.

10.  IMENE Hair Removal for Men and Women- Best dual-mode machine

IMENE laser hair removal guarantees a 92% reduction in hair regrowth by “permanently” disabling the hair follicles within 2 months of treatment. The machine also provides operating options like auto and manual for a more controlled treatment concerning different body parts.

What makes it more preferable is the ICE technology that makes it completely painless to use. If your hair and skin color are compatible with the machine, the results can be astonishing.

11. MisMON IPL Laser Hair Removal- Best warranty

Claiming to provide permanent hair removal in just 6-7 treatments, MisMON IPL Laser Hair Removal is yet another big player in the laser game. The device also features an LCD screen from where you can see the number of flashes left; the total number is about 300000.

You can use it for any body part, including underarms, chest, arms, etc. With a 12-months warranty and 3-months money-back guarantee, you’re not risking anything.

12.  SmoothSkin Bare Plus IPL Hair Remover- Best entry level

Another strong candidate for men’s best laser hair removal machines is the SmoothSkin bare plus laser hair removal. As per the brand claims, the device offers an unlimited number of flashes with 97% hair removal within the first 4 weeks of usage.

There are two modes you can use; glide mode and stamp mode. The former specializes in treating bigger body parts like legs, while the latter delicate areas like the face or private areas. Coming at a fairly reasonable price and a reputed brand, it’s an excellent entry-level laser hair remover you and your partner can use.

Buyer’s guide

With so many brands advertising their product as the best, finding something that truly lives up to your expectations is quite a chore.

But no more!

Here we will be discussing some of the significant factors worth considering as you are about to make your choice, starting from the most basic information to diving into some important complexities.

So let’s dive in!

Choosing the best hair removal machine for men

What is an IPL machine?

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light,” a modern technology mainly used by skin practitioners for various therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. The intense rays of IPL target the very roots or follicles of hair and inhibit its functioning.

This results in the reduction of hair growth on various body parts. With continued use, it eventually retards the follicles and deactivates them. Therefore, preventing any hair regrowth in the future.

The main target area of IPL in hair follicles is the melanin pigment, responsible for hair darkening. This means the lesser the melanin, the fairer the skin, and less black the hair. And that’s one of the main reasons why IPL works perfectly on some skins while not as effective on others.

Laser vs. IPL– Which one to choose?

To make your choice easier, let’s break this comparison down to a number of different factors:

1.    The main difference

IPL technology makes use of light rays of different frequencies, thus targeting a broader area.

On the other hand, a laser uses a concentrated, coherent light source. Each ray exhibits the same frequency, targeting a particular area. Both technologies work on the simple principle, which targets the melanin pigment found in the follicles and retards the hair growth ability of the particular follicle with each session.

2.    Treatment time

The beam of light in a laser is highly concentrated and is strictly restricted to a particular area. Therefore the treatment window is comparatively small, which results in more time consumption. On the contrary, IPL covers quite a big area in one go, which ultimately results in quicker and effective treatment.

3.    Pain

Due to the concentrated nature of the laser beam, more energy is exerted on one spot. This causes more pain when compared to the dispersed nature of IPL treatment. However, it’s still important to avoid using IPL hair removal machines in intense settings. Your skin might not tolerate it and might even be harmed in the process.

4.    Results

The results of laser treatment are without a doubt long-lasting and worth all the pain and money. But you still must continue the treatment to prevent the hair from regrowing, which means additional costs with every visit. IPL treatment provides you with a cost-effective and more comfortable alternative. You can use it at home, whenever you want, with just a one-time payment.

5.    Safety

Compared to IPL technology, a laser is hazardous and is only used by highly experienced professionals. On the contrary, IPL devices are less intense, use less power, and are very safe to use at home. Although the results aren’t as effective (of course, the laser has some perks), but good enough to make it an excellent home-use alternative for laser.

Standard features found on IPL devices:

Following are some of the standard features that make IPL devices some of the best hair removal machines for men. So before you make your choice, see if it passes on the following criteria:

Skin contact sensor

Skin contact sensor detects whether the skin is fully in contact with the machine or not. It plays an important role in ensuring that every flash is used at its full potential.

In machines absent of this feature, the majority of the flashes get wasted. This affects the overall quality of the results and leads to ultimate disappointment. To make sure every flash counts, it’s preferable to choose a machine with a skin contact sensor.

Skin tone detection

Every skin and hair color depends upon the abundance of melanin pigment. As IPL technology specifically targets this pigment in the follicles, the skin tone detector helps identify the skin tone by calculating the amount of melanin in the skin and hair follicles. It then adjusts the light frequency as per the requirement to deliver the best results. It saves you from a lot of trial and error.

Attachment caps

Attachment caps can be monumental when you are dealing with different body parts. As you move to more delicate areas, the light coverage area needs to be shrunk to protect unwanted places, and attachment caps do this for you.

They come in different sizes (usually 3) and hinder unwanted light accordingly. There are many IPL machines like DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System that offer this convenience.

Light intensity setting

As melanin differs at different body parts, releasing the suitable frequency is crucial to obtain the desired results. And that’s where light intensity adjustment enters the game.

Although many modern machines now make automatic skin tone detection and intensity adjustment, the manual light intensity settings give you more control over the process. We recommend starting from the lowest to avoid any inconvenience.

Single flash mode

Single flash mode is quite typical of IPL machines, and all you need to do is make contact between the machine and your skin. Once the indicator turns on, just press the button, and the device activates immediately. The process is the same for each body part.

Multi-flash mode

Many modern IPL hair removal machines offer this option. With multi-flash IPL hair removal machines, you won’t have to keep pressing the button as you move it to a new location. Just keep it pressed, let it flash, and then immediately slide it to a new location to repeat the phenomenon.

Compared to the former option, this one’s quite convenient. However, single flash mode gives you a relatively more controlled experience.


And here we go! We just went through some of the best laser hair removal machines for men you can easily trust to get rid of those unwanted hairs. The selections have been thoroughly made to suit the needs of men (and women) of different skin and hair colors.

However, if we still had to recommend you the best among the aforementioned models, that would clearly be Philips Lumea BG9041. It comes with premium quality, is compatible with pretty much every skin color, has an automatic skin detector, and has an ample amount of flashes that would last for a few good years.

As for runner-up, nothing beats BoSidin. Like Philips, it also offers all the mumbo jumbos at a reasonable price, but with a twist called OPT, a safer and powerful upgrade to IPL technology. Plus, the quality and user feedback are just another reason to adore it.

Another reason for keeping these two at the top is the convenience and value they offer and their appeal to a broader group of users instead of targeting specific skin or hair types. Anyone can take advantage of them regardless!

Which one of the above are you going to buy and why? Don’t forget to write it down in the comment section. Also, if you have any questions in your mind that are making your decision difficult. We would love to hear from and cooperate with you!

Hope you found our two cents helpful.

Until next time ;).


Which IPL hair removal machine is the best for men?

If you are looking for the jack of all trades, simply buy the Philips Lumea BG9401. It provides the best results and is compatible with every skin type, with many contemporary features. If you are more at the budget side of the spectrum, try the Philips Lumia SC1998. Although it lacks some modern features compared to its previous counterpart, the results are as flawless as they can get.

Does IPL hair removal really work for men?

Well, since hair removal technologies are mainly invented for ladies, there’s very little chance it will work the same for men. The reason is simple, they have much coarser hair compared to that of ladies. But that’s not to say that it won’t work at all. Men can still take full advantage of the IPL technology.

After several sessions, the hair regrowth will be minimal, if not completely hindered. Plus, the regrown hair will lessen in density and thickness as you continue the treatment. It’s better to have a few hairs with fair skin than those red bumps formed due to razors. Isn’t it?

Is removing hair with a Laser machine more cost-effective?

Depends on what path you pursue as far as laser hair removal is concerned. If you are talking about professional laser treatment, then it’s a straight no-no! That’s because you will frequently be visiting the professional to do the job for you as the results are not permanent.

IPL is actually much better in this regard. All you do is make a one-time investment that will last for quite a few years. You can use the machine anywhere, anytime you want, that too without any professional experience. And it’s completely painless as well. This means you get the best of both worlds for your money.

What’s better? IPL or laser hair removal?

To be unbiased, we would say both have their perks and appeal to people for different reasons. To make a better conclusion, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both.



  • More targeted hair removal
  • Fast
  • Long-lasting
  • Guaranteed results



  • Expensive
  • Require frequent visits
  • Painful




  • Cost-effective
  • It can be used by anyone
  • Provides nearly equally good results
  • Accessible
  • No side effects, no pain



  • The treatments might be more frequent
  • Most models are not for every skin type



Which one’s better? That’s for you to decide…;)

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