14 Best Laptop Sleeves and Cases

If you are a laptop owner, you should do the responsible thing and ensure that it is always protected when you leave the house with it. This means that you need to purchase a good laptop sleeve or case.

In this article you will learn all the things you should know when purchasing laptop sleeve or case and on the bottom of it you will find our top choices for laptop sleeves and cases.

A laptop sleeve or pouch is essentially a bag designed to host a laptop and protect it from external elements during transportation.

On the other hand, a laptop case is more like a bag with handles and extra pockets. It serves the same function as a sleeve.

The primary benefit of owning a laptop sleeve or case is that it will protect your laptop from dirt and dust as you transport it. It will cover the computer from any lint in the bag as well.

Laptop cases and sleeves also offer protection against knocks and bumps. They are also essential for preventing scratches on the surface of the computer. If you are scared of rain and moisture, a laptop case or sleeve will protect against this too.

Laptop cases and sleeves finally give you a professional and well-put-together look. If you carry your PC to the office or to a presentation, you best do it with a stylish laptop sleeve or case.

Our Top Choices

1. Ytonet Laptop Case

Best Overall
Our number one choice is this stylish and functional laptop case made of soft cotton and nylon. It offers soft padding, water resistance, and protection against dirt and dust. It is a good laptop case with durable handles that are also gentle on the hands. It has a top opening double zipper to keep all items secure. It is the best for organization as it has multiple compartments for different things.

2. Nacuwa Shockproof Hard Laptop Case

Best hardshell case
Made of Molded EVA, this hard laptop case will offer the best shell for your laptop during transportation. It is multi-compatible, fitting more than just the MacBook Air. The hardshell exterior provides protection against shock from dropping and other forms of impact. The cover also offers resistance against dust and water. It has internal sleeves to carry other accessories such as a mouse and charger. Finally, it has a zipper closure securing 360-degree protection.

3. MOSISO Multifunctional Carrying Case

Best Budget
This laptop sleeve will offer excellent protection and value for your money. It is made of polyester, a soft and comfortable fabric that will cushion your laptop and accessories well. It features a shock-resistant bubble foam padding layer to ensure protection. Still, it retains a slim and lightweight nature that fits conveniently in your bag. It is multi-compatible and has an outer pocket for essentials on the go.

4. V Voova 13 13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Best for 13-Inch
For people with 13-inch computers, we recommend this stylish and functional sleeve. From V Voova comes this elegant laptop sleeve with a durable handle that protects your computer while you are on the move. The exterior has a thick velvet lining to cushion against impact. The interior has a smooth lining to protect against scratches. It has 2 front zip pockets big enough for accessories and other items.

5. Lymmax 15.6 Inch Shockproof Laptop Case

Best for 15-Inch
If your laptop measures 15 inches, then this durable and stylish sleeve should work well for you. The sleeve is water repellent on the surface to keep your PC dry at all items. It has an EVA molded body to protect against shock and impact. The interior has a furry lining to protect against scratches. Because it is lightweight, you can carry it anywhere you go comfortably.

6. WIWU Diamond Water-Resistant Sleeve

Best Waterproof
This is a protective case that ensures your laptop remains dry at all times. The bag is designed to repel water effectively. The exterior also protects against mold, dust, and scratches. The interior delivers effective shock absorption and resistance against scratches. It retains a slim nature that you can carry comfortably inside any bag. Overall it is a unique laptop sleeve with a unique diamond pattern.

7. MOSISO PU Leather Ultra Slim Protective Case

Best Leather
Made from elegant PU leather, this laptop sleeve will help you carry your PC safely and secretly. It is thin enough to carry comfortably in a backpack or messenger bag. The exterior has a smooth and elegant finish that will earn you looks of admiration. It has a stylish envelop design with magnetic closures for a secure holding of your device. It has lovely contrast stitching and comes in three elegant colors.

8. MCHENG Black Hard Cover Case

Best extra-tough
For full protection, consider this hardcover case made of PU leather. The exterior has a hard case with a soft felt interior for protection against scratches, dirt, and lint. It is shockproof, waterproof, splash-proof, and even resistant to pressure. Best of all, it retains a slim and lightweight nature, fitting into your bag well. It has a hide-able handle, with Velcro to keep your PC in place.

9. Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

Most Stylish
If you are looking for functionality that upholds style, then you should consider this stylish sleeve case. It is made of polyester, offering resistance to water, dust and a smooth exterior for comfort and elegance. You never have to worry about getting caught in the rain again. The interior has a shockproof lining to protect against bumps and scratches. It comes with two extra pockets for accessories plus a sturdy zipper that glides smoothly each time.

10. ProCase Laptop Sleeve Case

st for Teens
For teens, we think that this stylish and lightweight laptop sleeve will serve best their busy lives. It is made of soft and environmentally friendly materials that will protect your PC from impact. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry around. It has a comfortable and durable handle for easy transportation. The zipper allows 180 degrees access to the PC. Finally, it has extra pockets for pens and notebooks.

11. KEISKEI Protective Carrying case

Best Splurge
If you want to treat yourself to a good laptop case, then this is the one to go for. It will introduce you to a new world of functionality and style. It offers double protection thanks to the snowflake fabric and hard EVA shell. You can keep all your items organized with multiple interior and exterior pockets. It is shockproof, and waterproof plus has a unique clip design for quick opening.

12. KINGSLONG Lightweight Laptop Carrying Case

Best with extra pockets
This is an exceptional laptop case with multiple pockets that will give you years of use. It features a soft anti-static shockproof sponge padding layer that will absorb impact from all angles. The handle is stitched well onto the bag for a comfortable and durable grip. This bag has multiple pockets offering you enough room to carry everyday items comfortably and well-organized.

13. HESTECH Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Best for travel
Consider this stylish laptop sleeve with a comfortable and strong handle that offers the perfect grip for travelers. It has nylon webbing that helps with breathability and good grip in wet conditions. It is made of durable neoprene that protects the PC against dirt and dust and water, and moisture. It is the perfect travel sleeve as it comes in bright colors for easy identification and is padded against impact.

14. Alpine Swiss Aluminum Attache Case

Best Briefcase Style
If you can pull off the briefcase style, we insist that you do it with this extraordinary case. The interior is fully lined with an elegant faux leather trim to cushion your laptop and accessories. This lining and secure laptop strap will protect the PC from scratches and bumps. The exterior is made from durable aluminum to offer protection against knocks and bumps. It has a sleek finish to provide a professional and elegant look.

What to Look For In a Laptop Case or Sleeve

Today’s market has tons of different styles, materials, sizes, and brands of sleeves and cases to choose from. Picking just one could be more difficult than you anticipated. Still, you must make the best decision because this sleeve could be a lifelong partner with proper care and maintenance. Also, because you are investing, you want to make the best decision that will give you extended use. We conducted useful evaluations and concluded that the key to buying the best laptop sleeve is to pay attention to five main features. Therefore, as you shop and consider your options, always pay attention to the following:


It goes without saying that size should be the first thing you consider when buying a sleeve. The primary function of a sleeve or case is to offer protection from external elements. How well the case or sleeve fits will directly determine the protection, it will offer. If your sleeve is too big for the laptop, your PC will move around too much during transportation. If you happen to drop it, the impact would be greater as the laptop will accelerate to the edge. On the other hand, should you buy a sleeve that is too small, it will barely offer protection to the edges and corners of your laptop when you bump into things. You need to measure your computer correctly before purchasing a sleeve and case.


There are two main aspects of sleeve/case material. The first is the fabric itself. There are many different fabrics for cases and sleeves, such as leather, polyester, nylon, suede, and microfiber. When buying a sleeve, you need to select one made of durable materials such as leather. It will offer a better lifespan and stronger protection against the elements. Durable fabrics also have better stitching, so you won’t have to worry about seams coming apart. The second aspect of the material is the thickness. Obviously, you would want a laptop sleeve or case with extra thickness. The thin ones only protect against dust and scratches but will do nothing for bumps. A thicker sleeve will offer better protection, so you should always go for the padded or reinforced options.

Special features

Nowadays, sleeves and cases come with special features. Some are useful while others you may never use. It is still important to consider the special features and figure out what you will be comfortable paying for. Some sleeves and cases come with extra pockets. This could be generally useful because you will have somewhere to put your keys, phone, charger, and books as you commute. Some sleeves have lockable fastenings, which will put your mind at ease as you commute to work. Some of the best sleeves and cases are made of water-resistant materials or have linings to protect against moisture. You should always go for this feature because you never know when the rain will start pouring. Also, it will save your PC from accidental spills in your bag.


Finally, you must consider the best style of sleeve or case. The style you select is highly dependent on when and how you will be using the sleeve. Some come with handles; others do not. Some are bright and easy to identify, while others come in solid plain colors. If you travel a lot with your PC, we urge you to select one with good handles for comfort on your hands. It will make transportation easier and ensures that you get years of use without damage. If your laptop will see many cold mornings or nights, select one with insulation to protect it from the cold. If you are into minimalism, pick one that offers great protection with the least bulk possible. Finally, your choice of color or pattern should remain true to your style.


🤔 Is a laptop sleeve or case better?

We believe that you should have both and use them accordingly. We believe a laptop case would be better for long-distance traveling or regular movement because it has handles. However, if you are just heading to the office and do not want to carry many things, a laptop sleeve will make your look less bulky while offering protection.

🧐 Are laptop sleeves worth it?

Yes, they are. Whether you plan on reselling your laptop or not, you should ensure that you protect your laptop when transporting it. A laptop sleeve will protect the laptop from dust and scratches. It may also protect against minor bumps and knocks. It also presents a stylish and professional way to carry your computer.

☝️ What should I look for in a laptop sleeve?

There are many characteristics of a good laptop sleeve. However, we believe that the first thing to look out for is waterproof ability. Getting caught in the rain with your laptop shouldn’t give you a mini-heart attack. Also, go for one with extra pockets for your charger and one with a tough exterior to protect against bumps.

✅ How do I measure for a laptop sleeve?

To find the correct size of your laptop, find measuring tape and measure your screen from the bottom left corner to the top right corner diagonally. That is the size of the laptop, and it is often in inches. The market has many laptop sleeves in different sizes, ranging from 11.6” and above.

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