24 Best Apple Watch Bands

If you are looking to customize tour apple watch, there is no better way to do it than with a new strap or band. One of the most notable features of all Apple watch is that you can change your straps depending on need and style.

The original clasp mechanism in all Apple watches has remained the same. This has introduced Apple to watch users to a wide selection of bands and straps for every occasion. There are leather and metal bands in stylish, sporty, casual, and fun options, just to name a few.

Because there are so many options for Apple Watch bands, you must pick the right band for you. First, ensure that you know what size Apple watch you have. The Apple Watch Series 3 has the options of 38mm and 42mm.

From the Apple Watch Series 4 to the latest Apple Watch Series 5, you will have 40mm and 44mm sizes. As for material you can find straps made from leather, silicone, stainless steel or even canvas.

We’ve compiled here over twenty good apple watch bands options to choose from.

1. Nomad Modern Strap for Apple Watch 44mm/42mm

Made with black Horween leather, this strap will develop character as it creates a patina for a unique, timeless look. The leather also provides superior durability. It is modern, stylish, and perfect for an official look. The finest craftsmen made the strap using state of the art equipment to ensure that each stitch and hole punch is accurately done. Each strap is fitted with a metal injection molded (MIM) buckle and lugs for high wear tolerance. The durable construction also ensures that it can be customized to fit your wrist as you want.

2. YAMAY Fitness Tracker

Made of lightweight materials, this strap will have you looking and feeling confident. It rests nicely on the wrist, preventing irritation, even on sensitive skin. It features a sleek retro design that can go well in formal and casual occasions. Besides this, it is also great for outdoor activities thanks to its resistance to scratching, corrosion, and water. You can wear it on a swim, guaranteed that is will come out looking just as good. It has a durable and robust buckle that ensures a secure and proper fit. Perfect for any wrist size.

3. Spigen Rugged Armor Straps

If you want something a little more sophisticated for your Apple watch, consider this specially-designed strap. It offers everyday scratch defense thanks to the flexible shock-resistant layer. This is the strap to take on your next hunting trip or even swimming with the assurance that it will come back in one piece. It has a matte finish with carbon fiber for a modern, stylish look. This makes it perfect for almost any occasion. The band is completely adjustable and has a secure metal clasp. It is compatible with Apple Watch 44mm Series 5 and Series 4.


Made of vintage leather, this strap will give your Apple watch a classy times look. It has sweat proof Black Silicone to help keep your wrists breathing on hot days. On this strap is anodized black ergonomic, stainless steel buckle to securely hold the strap length in place. It is not only functional but will also match the face of the watch. Because it is fully adjustable, you can find the most comfortable fit depending on your activity and needs. Finally, it offers precise fitting with your Apple Watch, thanks to slide-in technology.

5. Bestig Genuine Leather Band

This leather band has careful construction, contrast stitching, and durable nature for all-round use. The genuine leather used to construct this band is soft and durable. It is perfect for all skin types and will give you years of service. Leather is also breathable, which is something you will need in the summer. The strap has a double tour design to wrap around your wrist twice. This ensures that it sits securely on your wrist. It has refined threads on both edges with beautiful contrast stitching. It also has colorful options for different needs.

6. VeryBet Unique Designed Leather Band

This is a unique band that is specially designed for Apple watches. Its unique design allows you to wear the watch in seconds as it does not have buckles or clasps to slow you down. The design features strong magnets that hold together securely on each wear. It is perfect for the gym and even hiking, thanks to the hold and resistance to scratching. It is made of pure genuine leather that is comfortable on the skin as well as breathable. It is perfect for all skin types and will last a long time.

7. HUAFIY Compatible Top Grain Leather Band

This fashionable strap is an excellent choice for your Apple Watch, thanks to the material, design, and durability. It is made of fop grain leather paired with an anodized black stainless steel watch buckle. This powerful combination ensures that you match the watch while giving you endless functionality. This strap is strong, guaranteeing years of use without breaking. The Italian leather used in the construction of this strap gets lighter, as is the characteristic of oil wax leather, so, with time, the strap will start to look vintage and timeless. Finally, the adapter allows for easy and quick installation.

8. Archer Canvas Watch Straps

For a more casual style, this strap from Archer will give you just that. It offers a vintage canvas style that will blend in perfectly with a casual look. Because it is canvas, it is also durable, making it perfect for outdoor activities. It is also refined enough for a formal setting. It has a toned-down brushed stainless-steel buckle that holds well. It comes with adapters that make it easy to fix onto your Apple watch. Because it comes in a variety of colors, you can wear a different style each day.

9. Nomad Sport Strap

Designed for days at the gym and training purposes, this strap will give you a much-needed sporty style. It is made of silicone, the wonder material that is durable and great for all skin types. It is hypoallergenic, so you will not have to worry about allergic reactions. It is also naturally strong and features a rugged design. The color will also compliment the face of the watch beautifully. It is also sweat-proof, which is an excellent feature for the summer. It is compatible with all Apple watches, including the series 5.

10. Ezzdo Watch Band

For something stylish, consider this beautiful band made of vintage leather. It artistic and beautiful thanks to the bumpy texture brought about by the engraved high-class dynasty flowers. The back has a water-resistant lining, ensuring that the strap does not get water damage. Though the leather may start out tough and sturdy, everyday use makes it softer and more wearable. However, this is not to say that it will become old. On the contrary, it develops character for vintage and timeless look. Finally, it has a stainless steel buckle and connectors that are durable; they will never fall off.

11. Leotop Genuine Leather Wrist Strap

You can now transform your watch into a loveable accessory with this lovely wrist strap. It is made of genuine leather that is durable and unique. It offers a loveable retro look perfect for fishing, hiking, riding, and all other outdoor activities. This leather is tough enough to brave the elements, has a lovely aroma, and is environmentally friendly. This glossy leather will remain just that for years to come. It is fully adjustable for a perfect fit on any wrist size. Overall, it is delicate and portrays an undeniable elegance.

12. WSXQAZ Solid Color Strap

With excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials, this strap will pair well with any Apple watch. It is made of stylish leather that is smooth, sleek, and very lightweight. This makes it perfect for outdoor activities and corrects for formal and casual events. The superb craftsmanship offers a secure non-slip grip. This is also thanks to the adjustable nature of the strap. This and superior breathability makes it perfect for sporty and fitness activities. This stylish strap comes in a variety of colors so you can switch up our style in seconds.

13. GBPOOT Wristband

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1, in 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm sizes, this strap may be the next great accessory you will get. It is a fully adjustable magnet strap, so you never fumble with a buckle. You simply wear it and lock it with the specially designed button for one-button removal. It is made of durable stainless steel that is comfortable on the skin, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It is also resistant to wear and corrosion. It offers high hardness for resistance against the elements and impact.

14. Fullmosa Stainless Steel Metal Band

This apple watch band is designed for elegance and functionality. It is crafted from premium 304 stainless steel offering luxury and durability. Every detail has been taken into account during the manufacture of this strap. It is designed for activity, so you can wear it to the gym, on a hike, or anywhere else you want. It is fully adjustable with a double button folding clasp on both sides. Together with the refined steel connectors, it becomes comfortable to wear and take off. Finally, the overall construction has exceptional workmanship offering impressive design.

15. Carterjett Nylon Olive iWatch Band

With this trap, you never have to worry about edges and stiffness. It is made from woven nylon that is soft, breathable, and bends easily. The nylon is inspired by military watch bands. It is perfect for all skin types and will not cause irritation. It has matte gray steel adapters that take away the problem of loose screws and spring bars. This military-style trim offers a custom fit while maintaining breathability and comfort wear. It comes with a durable and easy buckle to ensure that you get the right fit. It is resistant to corrosion and is sure to give you years of use.

16. OUHENG Leather and Rubber Hybrid Band

The unique design is more than what you will get with this beautifully-designed strap. It is made of genuine comfortable leather that is durable, absorbent, and resistant to wear. The best thing about leather straps is the superior breathability they offer. The installed air channels also aid the process. Wristwatches are prone to make you sweat in hot weather, and so breathable straps are incredibly functional. It comes with stainless steel connectors on each end to lock onto the watch securely. This makes the strap easy to install and remove as the need arises.

17. MNBVCXZ Genuine Leather Replacement Strap

This is a sleek and unique wrist strap that is made of genuine leather. This is high-quality leather that ages beautifully, is extremely breathable. This makes it difficult to break, and with time, it ages beautifully. Aging also sparks a more rigid exterior, so it will last a long time as it ages. You could get years of use from this strap. It is specially designed with a buckle arch that not only presents a stylish appearance but is also comfortable on your wrist. It is simple and elegant for any occasion, especially for days at the office.

18. Libra Gemini Band

Compatible with almost all apple watches, this band is the best to get if you have more than one watch. It is made from premium 304 stainless steel offering superior durability and a luxurious, smooth finish. This material is surprisingly lightweight and will rest comfortably on your wrist. It is also breathable and comfortable against all skin types. Because it is fully adjustable, it can be shortened or extended to give you the right fit every time. It is compatible with all wrist types too. It has a double button folding clasps for easy removal and putting on.

19. DITOU Vintage Oil Wax Leather Strap

This is a handmade watch band that is constructed from unique vintage oil wax leather. This premium construction ensures that the strap is strong, durable, and ages beautifully. Each strap is made by a skilled professional craftsman, ensuring that the stitching and overall construction lacks mistakes. As you bend the strap, it becomes lighter, as is the nature of vintage oil wax leather. It has stainless steel adapters that ensure it fits easily into your watch and securely. Since you can never go wrong with vintage leather, this strap is perfect for any occasion.

20. MARGE PLUS Hybrid Watch Band

Style and excellent craftsmanship are what went into the design of this watch. It is made of a robust hybrid that consists of leather and silicone. This is a powerful blend that ensures this strap gives you years of use. The top is pure grain leather, while the back is pure silicone. This prevents sweat, body oils, and creams from coming into contact with the leather. It has a black stainless steel connector to match the face of the watch. The buckle also locks firmly for a fitting but comfortable feel.

21. Fullmosa Leather Strap

This is a stylish and beautiful strap made from genuine cowhide leather. This leather is strong, and soft so it will rest gently on your skin. It is perfect for sensitive skin, as it will not cause irritation. Being made of leather, it is also breathable and stylish. You can comfortably wear this strap in the summer for any occasion. The strap comes with a stainless steel buckle and adapter. The buckle gives a secure close each time while the adapter ensures that you transition effortlessly. It comes in a variety of colors to match your needs and wardrobe as well.

22. SWEES Leather Band

This stylish, rugged strap is just what you need to complete an outdoor look. It is made of genuine leather, offering years of use thanks to superior durability. Natural leather is also suitable for breathability and rests nicely on your skin, causing no irritation. The straps are lightweight, which will go well with your Apple watch. The band comes with stainless steel connectors on each side for an easy transition. It has a robust black buckle to match the face of the watch. With multiple colors to choose from, you have an option for every occasion.

23. SEMILU Compatible Leather Band

You can now personalize your watch with his stylish strap that is also durable and beautiful. It is made of genuine soft leather that ages beautifully with time. It is also relatively stable, guaranteed to give you years of use. As it ages, it may change color and develop wrinkles, but this only adds to the strap’s character. It features a unique design that is as comfortable as it is stylish with various colors to choose from. It comes with premium stainless steel adapters for easy compatibility.


⌚ Which Apple Watch bands are the best?

If you are looking for something that will not slow you down that maintains reliability, then you can settle for the VeryBet Unique Designed Leather Band. It is made of leather for durability and strong magnets that hold together well. Also, we think that the SWEES Leather Band is another excellent option. It is made of leather, offering breathability and causing no irritation.

🤔 Are 3rd party Apple Watch Bands good?

Yes, they are. You will find that 3rd part Apple watch bands are just as good, if not better. With these secondary bands, you will find more diversity in designs, colors, and styles. Furthermore, you will find straps even for older versions of watches, which can be difficult or expensive to find anywhere else. Finally, these suppliers often offer lower and discounted prices, as well as offers for multiple bands.

🧐 What material is the best for apple watch band?

Like regular watch bands, we believe that leather is the best material for apple watch bands. This is because leather is classy and sophisticated. Leather is also durable, so you will get to use your straps for a long time before needing new ones. Leather is breathable and rarely irritates the skin, making it perfect for most people.

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