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Most people do not carry a pocket knife everyday. In fact, pocket knives are only remembered when one is in a tight situation.

There are several reasons why you should carry a pocket knife
; it is a versatile tool that helps you with various activities. It is especially functional in the great outdoors when camping, fishing, and hunting.

That been said, what makes a pocket knife a really good tool?

It all depends on: The function, design, and of course performance determine just how effective a pocket knife is.

Next time you are in the market for a pocket knife, consider how you plan to use it in order to determine what the best pocket knife for you is.

One quality of a good pocket knife is it’s size; in this case bigger is not always better.

A smaller pocket knife is better as it is more portable and easier to handle. Another quality is the material of the blade; steel blade are preferred because they provide qualities such as corrosion proof, resistance to wearing, and a smooth satin finish for beauty.

Another way to tell if a pocket knife is good it through observation of the handle; the type of handle should allow you a firm and comfortable grip such that it does not slip off of your hands even in wet conditions.

If you are looking for a pocket knife, consider any of the following knives that have either different personalities but share in functionality.

1. Kershaw DLC-Coated Pocket Knife

This is a pocket knife with a sleek design that is slim and light-weight. It features speed safe assisted opening which is easy and safe for one-handed opening. The reversible pocket clip allows you to carry the knife with tip up or down depending on what you like. The knife blade is held in place by secure inner lock while the Trac-trec offers a quality grip even in wet environments. It is the perfect outdoor knife for camping and fishing.

2. Spydecro Delica Folding Knife

This is a folding knife with ambidextrous thumb hole; it features skeletonized steel internal liners. It has a four way clip with screw together construction for durability. The blade of the knife is a steel spine jumping flat drop point which is durable for even the toughest of situations. The handle is made of a durable material that allows a comfortable and strong grip for; it is a lightweight pocket asses that every man should have for their next hiking trip.

3. Buck Knives Tactical Folding Knife

This is a great pocket knife that features a razor sharp blade that is corrosion resistant; it will serve you for years of camping trips. It is a sturdy and versatile knife that has a notch for bending wire not to mention a thumb stud for smooth one hand opening. The safe non-slip handle has finger groves for a secure grip even when your hands are wet. Finally, it has heavy duty polyester MOLLE compatible sheath so you can be sure it handles easy.

4. KIZER Pocket Knife

This is an adventurous pocket knife for all types of outdoor adventures with a reversible spring pocket clip. It features stainless steel liners and a blade with gray titanium coating that is sharp and durable. This tactical folding knife offers one handed deployment so you can hold your flashlight and use the knife at the same time. The bronze washers allow for smooth blade opening so you do not damage the blade as you open it. Finally, the knife locks securely with an inner lock so it does not cut you while in the pocket.

5. Ontario Knife Co

This is a knife that features quality uncompromising craftsmanship that is sure to attract you into purchasing. It features a durable carbon-alloy steel that is lightweight but tough. The MOLLE compatible nylon and Kydex sheath only adds to the great features of this pocket knife. It has Micarta handle slabs with a non-slip grip even when wet so you can use it when fishing. Finally, it has a non-reflective black coat finish so it does not bounce light back when you are using it on sunny days.

6. Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife

This knife has a quality steel blade that is not only resistant to rust but also corrosion; it is great for long term use. It is a lightweight design that can be opened and closed single-handedly keeping at least one hand free for other tasks. It has a glass filled nylon handle that is strong and firm; it does not slip. As for the pocket clip, it is reversible so you can carry it based on your preferences. The knife has an attractive finish to tie it all together.

7. SOG Satin Polished Knife

This is a knife with a beautiful linear design that only looks better with use. It features a grooved design for non-slip grip that fits in your hand comfortably even in wet conditions. It has a black molded nylon sheath with heavy duty nylon web belt loop attachment. The nylon handle is reinforced for strength and tough situations; on the other hand, the strong Tanto blade is polished with a smooth satin finished which makes the knife even more attractive.

8. RSS Minuteman EDC Folding Knife

This pocket knife is the ultimate tool for outdoorsmen who love hunting, fishing and of course camping. It features a durable titanium handle that has been reinforced for strength. The knife has a pocket clip to ensure longevity and convenient carriage. It is a lightweight tool with a unique blade shape; it uses unique oblong oval to open by means of middle finger, index finger or thumb so there is not flipper tab or thumb stud to distract from the beautiful design of the knife.

9. Benchmade Mini Crooked River Knife

Comfortable in size, this is another great pocket knife from Benchmade that is sure to make your next outdoor activity easy and fun. It features a stainless steel blade that is resistant to corrosion and wearing. The blade is clip-point design for precision and control; it offers great versatility which is ideal for hunting and fishing trips. The knife can be opened and closed single-handedly so you need not worry if your hands are full; you will just need one.

10. Zero Tolerance Harpoon-Style Knife

This pocket knife combines two great materials; steel and titanium. It features a stainless steel blade which offers maximum cutting power, superior hardness, excellent edge retention, and of course corrosion resistance. The tip is sharp and sturdy for precision piercing; it is a truly remarkable blade. The handle is made of titanium that come is striking blue making it hard to misplace; it also features a titanium frame lock with a hardened steel lock bar insert for a secure lock up. It is a comfortable grip worthy to be a father’s day gift.

11. FALCO Flipper Tactical Knife

Like many other great pocket knives, this features an ambidextrous one hand opening that is facilitated with dual thumb studs and blade flipper. It has a carbon fiber handle with a stone wash finish that cannot be beat. The blade is made of steel with tritium flipper insert; it also has a low profile titanium pocket clip and a titanium frame lock that secures the blade while in the open position. It a lightweight pocket knife that is easy to use and even easier to maintain.

12. KUBEY Steel Folding Knife

This is a stylish pocket knife with a durable steel blade that offers amazing cutting, high resistance to wearing and of course corrosion. It has a solid titanium alloy handle that is durable, resistant to corrosion and reliable; it offers a solid grip and comfortable in-hand feel. The sturdy frame lock is easy to open and close so you will not struggle with it when it matters. Finally, this useful pocket knife has a milled pocket clip to allow safe carrying while preventing accidents.

13. James Brand Straight Pocket Knife

This is a knife with an extra slim profile that makes you feel like you are not carrying anything. It features stainless black-oxide hardware with fluid arcs and simple forms that allows ample gripping power. This pocket knife has a triangular thumb hole for deploying and a reversible clip that allows for both left and right handed configuration. The stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. You can only expect success with this knife so bring it along with you next time you go camping.

14. Spydecro Tenacious Pocket Knife

Quality and durability are just some of the words that can be used to describe this amazing pocket knife. It is made with the highest quality material with a sleek design to finish. Among the many great features of this knife is a clip to attach the knife to a pocket and prevent unwanted accidents. The knife offers reliable and much needed one-hand opening to help when you need your other hand for something else. Finally, the blade has serrations which comes in handy when fishing and hunting.

15. OFF-Grid Tactical Flipper Knife

This is a quality pocket knife that has a quality steel blade that offers toughness for hunting, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. This pocket knife features lightening quick blade deployment for the situations that require fast action such as wildlife attacks; it also offers ambidextrous one hand operation thanks to the flipper trigger or dual thumb studs. It is a lightweight design with strong construction; you could say that it is perfect for hiking and camping.

16. Benchmade 940 Knife

This is a sleek and versatile pocket knife with reverse tanto blade style which is of course great for everyday application and general utility. The blade is made of a durable stainless steel that is resistant to rust, impervious to moisture, and also stable under extreme temperatures. This is a manual knife that can be opened and closed with one hand; just in case you need the other for something. It is a lightweight design so you might forget that you are carrying it around; finally, it has a standard clip type with a reversible tip up clip position.

17. Colombia River Knife and Tool

This is a lovely pocket knife with a timeless design that looks better as it is used. It features Carson flipper opening and locking liner safety to help you keep all ten of your digits. The handles are made of a durable aluminum material that handles well in both cold and hot temperatures. The blade is stainless steel spear point blade that it tough enough for hunting; the safety sets a pin between the locking linear and the frame.

18. Valtcan Titanium Handle Pocket Knife

This pocket knife engages the elements of beauty, durability, strength, and weight to create a truly phenomenal and adventurous tool. It features a titanium handle that is durable and works well in all temperatures. It is lightweight with a finely detailed steel blade that is razor sharp and versatile especially when it comes to hunting. The keying at the end allows for easy attachments to keychains so you can keep it with you at all times; when you do not need it.

19. Spydero Dragonfly 2 Folding Knife

This is a versatile and adventurous type pocket knife with many loveable features, it has a bright yellow reinforced handle making it hard to misplace and easy to find. This reinforced handle allows you to grip it tightly even in wet conditions. The knife allows one-handed opening and closing so you can hold your knife and your flashlight. The sharp and durable blade is plain edge and allows you to use it in both hot and cold temperatures; it is perfect for camping anywhere.

20. Albatross Mini Damascus Folding Knife

This is a sleek design pocket knife that is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and hiking. It has a linear locking function that is safe and convenient for when you carry it in your pocket. The magnificent steel blade is made so to be durable and sharp; perfect for hunting and fishing. The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and strong grip; finally the belt clip on the handle allows you to hang it on your belt loop or on your backpack which is easily the safest way to carry a pocket knife.

21. Buck Knives Three Blade Folding Knife

This is a unique pocket knife that features not one but three versatile blades in one pocket-friendly packaging. The triple blades are made of steel and are corrosion resistant for long term use. The first blade is a clip point blade allows detail work and cutting in tight places; the second is the spey blade which is perfect for skinning or sweeping knife strokes. The last is the sheepsfoot blade which is the best for clean cuts especially on flat surfaces.

22. KATSU Bamboo Style Folding Knife

As the name suggests, this is a Bamboo style knife with some excellent features. For starters, it has a durable steel blade that is razor sharp and resistant to corrosion and wearing. It features a bamboo style Damascus steel handle that really brings detail to the pocket knife. The traditional Japanese style thumb notches and one hand opening lever allows a gentle one hand opening which can be pretty convenient in the outdoors. This is a truly sharp and beautiful knife.

23. KIZER Tactical EDC Knife

This is a useful pocket knife that features a sheepsfoot blade with a sharp edge blade. The blade deploys quickly and easily with one hand which is convenient in the outdoors. The reversible tip up clip allows you to carry it easily and safely; avoiding unwanted cuts or chipping. With a custom pivot and pivot collar, this knife handles smoothly and gently. Finally, it has a lock bar over travel prevention mechanism and a replaceable steel insert which just adds to the many great features of the knife.

24. Ontario Knife Rat-1

From Ontario comes a fashionable pocket knife that has great craftsmanship and even better features. It features a thumb stud to allow one hand opening for convenience; it also has ergonomic nylon handles and spine that gives you a great grip even in wet conditions. With the four way clip position and thumb stud for one handed opening, this is one of the most convenient knives in the market. It has an AUS-8 steel blade that is full flat grind with a glossy satin finish which really ties the tool together.

25. TUYAKNIFE Ceramic Folding Knife

This is a versatile tool that combines convenience with a sleek design. It features a ceramic ball bearing pivot that allows for fast and smooth blade deployment which is truly convenient in the outdoors. The G-10 handles are carved with concave design which allows a reliable grip with ergonomic comfort; it will not slip even in the toughest of conditions. It has a deep carry pocket clip that allows you to keep it safely in your pocket without deploying causing unwanted cuts. The D2 steel blade offers a lightweight versatile tool.

26. Kershaw Clash Serrated Knife

This is a great pocket knife that features a beautiful stainless steel blade with a black oxide finish that is tough, wear resistant and has great edge retention. It has a beautiful textured glass-filled nylon handle with detailed scales. The scales allow you to have a solid grip with gentle comfort and a natural comfortable feel. The blade is a drop point steel blade that is partially serrated for versatility; the tool also has speed safe assisted opening thanks to the built in flipper. The secure locking liner and convenient reversible pocket clip ties the knife together beautifully.

27. BlizeTec Survival Knife

This is the essential survival tool for any man looking to spend the week in the great outdoors. The BlizeTec survival knife is a five in one stainless steel tool that features a drop point blade with a serrated saw, a bright LED flashlight, a magnesium alloy fire starter, blade lock, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and pocket clip. It is the greatest tool for outdoor activities so you will need it next time you go hiking, camping, or hunting. Though it features many items, it is a lightweight design and comes with several carry options including a nylon pouch, belt clip, or simply inside your pocket or bag.

28. Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Folding Knife

This is an essential adventurous tool full of great features that are sure to help you on your next camping trip. It has a high carbon black oxide blade with a black textures and grooved aluminum handle. The blade is razor sharp while the handle gives you a solid grip even with wet hands. Thanks to the convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs, the pocket knife has quick and easy access. As a bonus, the knife has a glass break and strap cutter for those emergency situations.

29. Case Amber Bone Knife

This is a versatile pocket knife built specifically for the man who likes to keep it simple especially in the outdoors. It features a clip blade which has multi-purpose use including carving, skinning, and just plain old cutting among others. The blade is stainless steel which is easy to clean, corrosion resistant and extremely resilient to wearing. The knife is hand crafted so you can be sure every knife has its own unique flair. It is a lock bar type of knife that requires two hands to close but only one hand to open; it is built that way to make sure you do not lose any digits when you are done with it.

30. Buck Knives Folding Knife

This is yet another great product from Buck Knives that is both versatile and well designed. It features a steel blade which provides excellent edge retention while being corrosion resistant. It has an ambidextrous one hand opening mechanism which allows the knife to open with just the flick of a finger. The anodized aluminum handle gives you a comfortable and secure grip even in wet conditions. It has a ball bearing pivot system and a removable, reversible, tip up for discrete deep pocket carrying.

31. RUIKE Framelock Knife

This is a knife that is designed to be a versatile tool and for the man who likes to keep it simple. It features quality craftsmanship that is sure to capture your eye; the details alone are remarkable. It features a stainless steel blade with a beautiful satin finish that is durable, razor sharp and can be used in every type of temperature without causing any problems. The handles have a stone wash finish and are stainless steel for a comfortable grip each time you use it.

32. Gerber Covert Knife

Backed by the speed of F.A.S.T technology; it is designed to partner quick deployment with reliable ease of use. It has a tough titanium coated blade which is durable and resistant to both wearing and corrosion. It has a G-10 handle which provides a secure grip in all conditions even with drastic changes in temperature.it has a side lock which keeps the knife resting safely in your pocket without causing damage to the knife or your skin.it is a truly remarkable tool for any outdoors man.

33. Case Amber Bone Knife

If you do not mind standing out then this is the knife for you. It has an extremely unique design that is sure to get noticed; it makes it that much harder to misplace. Each knife has its own unique flair because each is handcrafted with pristine precision like no other pocket knife. The blade can be a drop point blade which excels at cutting and carving or a clip blade that is equipped for cutting and slicing in tight spots. It offers one hand opening and uses liner lock mechanism for ease and safety.

34. Spydecro Plain Edge Knife

This is another great knife from Spydecro made from the highest quality materials. It is a plain edge folding knife with a flat ground steel blade that is built for the great outdoors. It features a simple design that is timeless and lightweight; it is constructed with a keen eye to detail such that the craftsmanship alone is worth it. It has G-10 handle scales that with skeletonized steel liners on the inside; it has screw together construction and phosphor bronze washers around the pivot for smooth and resistant free action.

35. Case Red Bone Pocket Knife

This knife provides extra portability without sacrificing knife durability or function; it is a blend of a fixed blade knife and a traditional pocket folder making it suitable for everyday demands. Each knife is handcrafted to give it a unique personality; it offers two types of blades including a clip blade for cutting and slicing and a drop point blade for cutting and carving. The locking mechanism locks the blade when opening the blade all the way; the slim design is perfect for your pocket or bag.

36. Kershaw Cyro Speedsafe Knife

This is a quality knife with a speedsafe assisted opening that helps you to open the knife quickly and easily. The frame lock allows you to lock the blade safely open during use and prevents it from closing accidentally mid-use. It is a sturdy style of blade lock that allows you to reclose it when you are done. The 4 position pocket clip lets you position it for tip up or tip down either left or right handed carry. The knife rides comfortably and discreetly in your pocket.

37. Hogue 34554 X5 Folding Knife

This is a beautifully crafted knife that is perfect for fishing, camping, or just home renovations around the house. It is made of stainless steel; a durable material that is resistant to both corrosion and rust. The handle is made of 6061-T6 anodized aluminium; a similarly durable material that ensures no damage comes to the handle. It also offers a comfortable grip even in wet conditions. This knife has a safety locking mechanism that makes it safe to put in your pocket.

38. Cold Steel Plain Edge Knife

This knife is a great addition to your hunting and camping gear for several reasons. The handle is made of 6061 Aluminum. It works well in all weathers, is resistant to corrosion, and handles conditions of rust very well. The blade is made from durable stainless steel, a material that is best for a good knife. It is also resistant to corrosion, and rust. Like all good knives, it has a safety lock mechanism that lets it fit into the pocket discretely and safely.

39. Laguiole Olive Wood Knife

If you are looking for something unique, durable, and playfully stylish then this is the knife for you. This stylish knife is made in France using high-quality materials that contribute to its durability, functionality, and style. The handle features detailed decoration that greatly contributes to the character of the knife. It also has decorative gold-painted caps that blend in with the olive wood for a truly stunning knife.

Buying Guide

While buying a pocket knife, ask yourself why you want it? If you have a clear reason to buy a pocket knife, you have a better chance of finding an ideal pocket knife for yourself and your needs. Here are four important factors you should consider while buying pocket knives

Number of blades

According to the number of blades, pocket knives are divided into three categories.

Single Blade Pocket Knife

A simple and lightweight design with a quick opening. If you get confused with five different knives, this pocket knife is a good choice.

Multi-Blade Pocket Knife

A relatively heavy set with a variety of blades. A knife lover with sound knowledge regarding the use of different blades will prefer this set.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Army personnel are prepared for virtually every situation. Due to this reason, they carry a multi-purpose Swiss Army pocket knife. Additionally to different blades, it contains tools like a screwdriver, nail clipper, compass, and many more.

Blade material

The quality of a blade mostly depends upon the material used. Most commonly, three materials are used for the blades in pocket knives.

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. High Carbon Steel
  3. High Carbon Stainless Steel

Another factor that you should keep an eye on is if it is heat-treated correctly. To cut the production cost, some companies use low-quality materials or cheap heat treatment procedures. So, be aware if you find a pocket knife with a very cheap price tag.


Outdoor adventure seekers prefer a simple, compact design in pocket knives. So, it is easy to carry around during their adventures.
On the other hand, some knife enthusiasts appreciate the creativity in a complex design. In the end, to buy the best pocket knife for yourself, you must know why you need it.

Weight and Size

Pocket knives should be easy to carry. For this reason, pocket knives are compact and lightweight. The weight of a pocket knife depends on the used material. Heavy pocket knives are suitable for a single heavy strike. But they will strain your hand in multiple and continuous strikes


❓ What are the best pocket knives in the world?

The best pocket knives in the world share the same characteristics. First, they are small because smaller pocket knives are easy to handle and more portable. They are also comfortable to grip such that it does not slip out of your hands even in wet conditions. Finally, the blade should be made from steel that is resistant to corrosion.

🔪 What company makes the best pocket knives?

Many companies make good pocket knives. However, some have a little more experience and extraordinary features. One such company is Kershaw. It has specially designed blades that focus on slim, sleek designs with a tough finish. Another is Buck Knives that has a comfortable grip, accessories, and overall comfortable design.

✅ What steel stays sharp longest?

Stainless steel is quite sharp and remains, so they have lower carbon content making them a little harder to sharp. However, once sharpened, they retain the sharpness because they are also rust and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is also easy to maintain for both professionals and beginners. This makes it the perfect blade for pocket knives.

⭐ What is the best pocket knife for everyday use?

You never know when you need a pocket knife. It could be several times or every day during a trip. Therefore, it is always best to be prepared with an everyday use pocket knife. One such knife is the Benchmade 940 Knife. It lightweight for easy portability, resistant to corrosion, and has a good handle for a firm grip. Finally, it can be opened and closed with one hand.

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