16 Best AirTag Keychains, Cases, and Straps

Do you forget every time you put your keys and wallets?

Are you fed up with tearing apart the entire house to search for your small accessories? Well, don’t fret anymore.

AirTag is the need of the hour if you frequently forget things. However, AirTag protection must be your priority to serve you in the long run.

AirTags are compatible with keychains, straps, and cases, as they perfectly fit around your AirTag and provide top-notch security. Since AirTags are a naked coin-shaped disc, it requires a holder to save it from being misplaced and tagged onto your precious items.

We have rounded up the 16 best AirTag keychains, straps, and covers for you across varying price tags to help you out with the purchase.

1. Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Best Overall
One of the best keyrings we have on the market. This AirTag from Apple is beautifully crafted from the premium materials that would serve you for the years to come. The high-quality leather gives a soft touch and offers a perfect fit for your AirTag.

2. Spigen Rugged Armor Key Ring E

The Spigen Rugged keyring has a solid build to cater to everyday hustle-bustle. The keyring features a durable zinc alloy and stainless steel carabiner, specially designed to offer maximum security to your AirTag and attachments. What’s more? The keyring doubles up to act as a bottle opener.

3. ESR Case Compatible with AirTag

Values for Money
Stay easy on your pockets with this cheap ESR case that conforms to your AirTaag flawlessly. What’s the best part? The keyring has a tough, flexible and grippy silicone at the back sticks like glue. Another cool feature is the smooth finish that provides easy maintenance.

4. Spigen Valentinus Compatible with Apple AirTag

This keyring is constructed from durable pleather and is nicely knitted to cement a place in your pouches, wallet, and even your dog’s collar. Above all, it comes with a carabiner for quick attachments. Lastly, the slim and sleek design makes it a lightweight option.

5. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

The Supcase Unicorn keyring is thoughtfully crafted from premium silicone that offers flexibility and durability. However, this keyring is only compatible with AirTags 2021. Thanks to the elevated bezels that tackle frequent drops and scratches. Additionally, this keyring is equipped with a carabiner for your convenience on the go.

6. Apple AirTag Loop

Here comes another Apple product. This loop from Apple is crafted from polyurethane that adapts to the disc shape of Apple AirTag. And, the good news? The AirTag loop has a snug fit and doesn’t linger around. However, the price bracket might be a point of concern for many users.

7. Caseology Vault Compatible with Apple AirTag

Best Feature-Packed Case
The keyring has a protective design to secure your valuables. To further strengthen the security, it features a carabiner to clip to multiple items. What’s the standout feature? The keyring’s cover is opened from both sides, leading to the seamless sound transmission without muffling the sound signal.

8. Migeec Compatible with AirTag Case

This Migeec AirTag is made from an ultra-comfortable, soft liquid silicone, which is skin-friendly and precisely responds to heavy impacts. This AirTag case has tiny holes that vouch for excellent sound transmission. Best of all, the keyring comes with a keychain and a strap to load and unload any desired item.

9. ​​4 Pack Anti-Lost Leather Case

The keyring case boasts a notable design. This holder features a keychain, allowing you to tag on your essentials. This protective case is durable and fabricated from top-grain soft leather. Lastly, the leather case is scratch-resistant and survives everyday bumps.

10. AirTag Case with Key Ring

Never forget your goods and chattels with the keyring. The keychain allows you to place on your valuable items such as purses, bags, and pouches. On top of that, the case features a twist and lock design to fit on your AirTag securely. Moreover, the raised edges make it a scratch-resistant option.

11. Spigen Air Fit Designed for Apple AirTag

Next, we have another Spigen product. This tracker has a rectangular shape and slides onto your clobber ideally, such as wallets, bags, luggage, and purses. In addition, this card possesses quality construction and is scratch-resistant. Another notable feature is the carabiner that lets you connect various attachments.

12. SunStory Compatible with AirTag Case

Most Economical AirTag Case
It has a square shape design and is attached with a carabiner to provide you myriad of attachments. The best thing about this case is its easy installation. Besides, the perfect size of the case adjusts to the AirTag right on the spot and doesn’t obstruct sound transmission.

13. HATALKIN AirTag Case

The horse leather is simply top-notch, which is commended by many reviewers. The carabiner further provides convenience by getting tagged to sensitive and small accessories such as car keys, wallets, and bags. What’s more? It has a soft microfiber interior that prevents unwanted dust and keeps the case clean.

14. DamonLight 2-Pack Leather Case

This leather case from DamonLight is specifically designed to keep your AirTag in optimal condition. The high-end leather and its fine texture deliver a sleek look. This delicate leather case averts dust and scratch and conforms accurately to the AirTag.

15. VISOOM Leather Case for AirTags

Best Protective Case
This fully protective case makes it an anti-shatter item. The leather case delivers incredible performance without compromising on the sound transmission. Thanks to the high-quality, durable and soft leather that wraps around the AirTag tightly. Additionally, this tracker can be found in a vast range of colors.

16. Xmada Leather AirTag Case

Track your essentials and never let them go far away from you with this Xmada AirTag strap. The tracker features top-grain cow leather that augments its durability. Best of all, the leather has a pro edge that provides maximum adhesion on its back and offers a smooth look.


🤔 What is an AirTag case?

AirTag case is a small, elegantly designed tracker featured by Apple that can be tagged onto your keys, wallet, or luggage. The AirTag device is connected via Bluetooth and notifies the Apple device if any tagged items go missing. You can trace the location through a compatible app.

🧐 Does the Apple AirTag come with a case?

Unfortunately, the Apple AirTag doesn’t come with a case. The coin-shaped design needs to be put in a key chain or a holder to avoid misplacing it. You will need to buy a case for your Apple AirTag separately.

☝️ What is an AirTag keyring?

Keyrings act as a holder for AirTags since they are uncovered. AirTag keyrings can be hooked onto your belongings such as bags, pouches, luggage, and even your pet’s collar. Moreover, the AirTag keyring features a twist and lock design, securing the AirTag firmly. To enhance the protection, the keyring is scratch-resistant with there raised edges.

❓ Is the AirTag sticky?

AirTags are strongly adhesive from the backside, so you can quickly put them on your purse, pouches or stick them on your electronic devices. They will get fixed in their position and don’t move around.

👀 Is AirTag waterproof?

The AirTags feature an IP67 rating, which means they are dust, splash, and water-resistant. However, also note that AirTags can be submerged into the water for upto 30 minutes of 1m height without experiencing any severe damage.

🙄 How long does AirTag battery last?

Apple AirTag is powered by a CR2032 battery that has the potential to survive for more than a year. As soon as the battery dies, the pop-up notification will appear to let you know to replace the battery. You can access the battery level by clicking on the “Find My” app.

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