16 Best Tactical Flashlights

There are some tools that you cannot leave the house without; one of them is a flashlight.

Next, to a pocket knife, a flashlight is the most useful thing you can carry. It can help you with self-defense if it is built well.

It can also help you in a survival situation, or simply help you find things in the dark.

When buying a tactical flashlight, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The first is the size; you need to buy one that you can carry around easily. It should not be an added weight to you but rather something that feels natural.

Pay attention to your budget but also note that most of the good flashlights start at 25$ in price.

Consider the power source, rechargeable batteries are more convenient; also would you like a standard battery or one with more power?

Finally, always go for higher lumens for the best light.

Here is a list with the best flashlights you can find on the market right now.

1. SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlight

This is a versatile flashlight that is great for extra lighting.

It has two output levels for convenience; the first is 600 lumens high setting for maximum light. The other is 5 lumens low which offers you an extended runtime.

This flashlight has a coated tempered window that helps in resisting impact while maximizing the light it produces.

Finally, the body is made of high-strength aerospace aluminum with hard-anodized Mil-Spec that gives you better durability.

2. Fenix Lumen Flashlight

This is one of the easiest tactical flashlights to operate thanks to the tactical tail cap; it also allows you to adjust through 5 brightness levels.

It operates off a powerful rechargeable battery that offers you 430 hours of runtime without flickering or dimming.

It has a lightweight compact body that allows you to carry it around anywhere you go. It has a removable pocket lanyard and pocket clip that gives you more carrying options making it an everyday flashlight.

3. SOG Dark Energy Tactical Flashlight

The different brightness levels on this flashlight make it one of the best for camping, reading, and anything in between.

The material makes the flashlight lightweight and easy to carry around. The Class II Anodized Aluminum Body is also waterproof as a safety measure.

The 18650 battery can run continuously for 4 days on the low setting.

It has a high lumen for its size making it one of the most powerful tactical flashlights in the market today.

4. Streamlight ProTac Professional Flashlight

This is a durable tactical flashlight that is easy to carry around thanks to the lightweight build.

It is made of durable anodized aluminum that features a knurled body for a sure grip.

The unique design of the flashlight has a deep-dish parabolic reflector that succeeds at producing a concentrated beam with optimal peripheral illumination.

For consistent performance and maintenance of good battery life, run the flashlight on a regulated schedule.

5. Fenix CREE XP-L LED Flashlight

This is a small yet powerful tactical flashlight that can last up to 50,000 hours without dimming or flickering. This is because it runs on two 3V CR123A Lithium batteries and has the option of using one rechargeable Li-ion battery.

It has a tactical tail switch with momentary-on function for convenience. The small stature fits conveniently and discreetly in your pocket; perfect for an every-day carry.

This choice comes with two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.

6. Streamlight Protac “Dual Fuel” Flashlight

This is a smart flashlight that is built with TEN-TAP programming that allows you to choose among three setting modes. A high/strobe/low setting, a high only setting, and a low/medium/high setting.

It has a high lumen that gives a powerful light; perfect for camping in the woods. The body features durable, anodized aluminum construction that is also lightweight.

It runs on two rechargeable batteries (that are included in the pack) with a USB charging port for convenience.

7. Rayovac 2,000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

This is a tactical flashlight that features Premium LEDs with quad chip technology that throws 2000 lumens. This makes it brighter than many cars. The spotlight functionality is so good that it can deliver for up to a quarter-mile (more than 3 football fields).

It runs off a UL certified lithium battery that is rechargeable. This battery offers you up to 10 hours of continuous use.

The exterior has a non-slip rubber grip for a firmer grip.

8. Anker Bolder Rechargeable Flashlight

If you are about to face rainy weather during your next camping trip then this is the flashlight for you.

It is made of a durable aluminum body specially designed to be waterproof and resistant to rough handling. The build also features an extra-long handle and scalloped-bezel that is built for striking purposes.

It runs on a premium rechargeable 6700mAh battery that offers you 13 hours of continuous use on medium-beam mode.

9. Maglite 3-Cell D Flashlight

This flashlight is a great addition to your toolbox.

It has a Multi-mode electronic switch that has many power settings including Momentary, Full Power, Low Power, ECO, and Stobe.

The spotlight has a bean distance of up to 406m making it very useful for camping in dark places.

With less than a ¼ turn of the head, you can switch from spot to flood.

It runs for up to 16 hours on high, and 117 hours on ECO mode.


10. EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight

Built for the modern man, this flashlight incorporates new technology for proper functioning and comfort while using.

It is a smart handheld flashlight that offers an auto-detect temperature feature, it adjusts the brightness to keep it cool and cozy while using.

It has a Switch Indicator that displays the remaining battery power so you can avoid unwanted surprises.

The build is great for one-handed operation which allows you to switch between the various available modes.

11. AIDIER Lanyard Torch

This is a well-made flashlight that is made of high-quality aluminum with a hard-anodized surface that is resistant to rust, and corrosion. It features triangular knurling that ensures a steady grip. This extra detailing also adds to the character of the flashlight making it very attractive.

It is waterproof for up to 30 meters so you need not worry if it falls in a river.

It comes with five settings and a 18650 battery that illuminates for over 276 yards.

12. ThruNite TC20 Tactical Flashlight

This flashlight is built for easy use; it has a one-side button switch design that allows one-handed use from switching it one to changing the brightness levels.

It runs on a powerful 5000mAh 26650 battery; it is specially made to alert you when to recharge when the voltage gets too low.

It has a compact size and companion holster that makes it an easy-carry item for every day.

It uses USB charging making it a great camping item.

13. ORCATORCH T20 980 Super Bright Flashlight

Durable and reliable are just some of the words that can be used to describe this tactical flashlight from ORCATORCH.

It is compatible with several battery combinations that offer up to 275 hours run time.

It is made from solid aircraft-grade aluminum material that id durable, lightweight, and easy to grip.

It has two types of switches; a rear primary switch is for turning the light on and off, and a front side switch is for shifting lighting modes.

14. Streamlight 88087 ProTac Flashlight

This is yet another great tactical flashlight from Streamlight that is great for camping in the woods.

It is compatible with CR123A lithium battery and AA lithium battery which makes it a convenient travel tool.

It has a high 300 lumens that shoot out a concentrated and powerful beam of up to 147m.

It can run for up to 1.75hrs on the CR123A lithium battery.

Finally, it has a removable pocket clip that can attach to your belt for convenience.

15. PeakPlus Zoomable Tactical Flashlight

You get value for your money with this flashlight as it comes as a full kit including 1 Super Bright Tactical LED Flashlight, 1 Rechargeable Battery and Sleeve, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Case, 1 AAA Battery Holder, and 1 User Manual.

This is a heavy-duty flashlight that is water-resistant, anti-abrasive, and skid-proof.

It has an impressive adjustable focus option for illumination of a wide area of up to 600 feet.

16. WUBEN 1200 Lumens LED Flashlight

The WUBEN L50 tactical flashlight is made of hard anodizing aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is corrosion-resistant, offers a great grip, and rust-resistant.

It has an output of 1200 lumens which gives you a powerful beam of up to 200 meters.

It is powered by a rechargeable 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion battery which environmentally friendly and gives you hours of run time without flickering or dimming.

It is small and lightweight for easy carry.


🔦 What is the best tactical flashlight on the market?

The best tactical flashlight in the market should have a rechargeable battery with a large capacity to give you hours of use. It should also come with a comfortable and strong handle that you can grip easily. Finally, it should be a powerful flashlight in terms of lumens. With this in mind, we think that the Anker Bolder Rechargeable Flashlight surpasses these characteristics and is, therefore, the best.

🔆 What is the brightest tactical flashlight?

We believe that the Rayovac 2,000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight is the brightest tactical flashlight in the market. This is because it has premium LEDs with quad chip technology that throws 2000 lumens. This makes it brighter than most cars, a brightness that can be seen for up to a quarter-mile away.

🥇 What kind of flashlight do Navy Seals use?

Navy Seals need something that is easy to carry around, offers excellent grip, and can go hours without charging. The Maglite 3-Cell D Flashlight has a versatile design that allows seals to switch through different brightness levels. It can go 16 to 177 hours without needing charging and has a very inconspicuous design. It has many power settings and offers an excellent grip.

🧐 How many lumens are police flashlights?

Many police flashlights are about 1000 lumens. This is the ideal brightness for police flashlights as it does not need to be too bright. The WUBEN 1200 Lumens LED Flashlight can pass off as a good police flashlight. It offers excellent grip, is resistant to rust, and has an output of 1200 lumens.

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