17 Best Everyday Carry Lighters

Believe it or not, lighters are essential tools, even for men who do not smoke. Carrying a lighter means you walk around with access to a flame, which can be useful in day-to-day life.

The best thing about lighters is that they are small, compact, and lightweight. You could carry this tool in your pocket without feeling the added weight.

Lighters are handy to tactical men who enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. It makes starting a fire much easier.

Also, some lighters come with accessories such as flashlights, bottle openers, and blades.

Here is list with some of the best lighters available on the market today.

1. lcfun Rechargeable Electric Waterproof Lighter

This is more than a lighter; it is a tactical tool that you will be glad to purchase. From lcfun comes this functional waterproof lighter with added features. The waterproof ability ensures that no water seeps inside, so you don’t have to worry about rain. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so you save costs on refilling. It is also built with a flashlight that has three modes to help with different needs. It has a 7-second automatic power off to protect from short-circuiting, which guarantees long lasting use.

2. Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters

Zippo is a champion when it comes to making lighters. This pocket lighter is proof of that, thanks to its unique features. This matte lighter is metal from the exterior to the interior. This secures lasting use and resistance to breaking. The windproof design ensures that you can use it almost anywhere. Zippo makes their own lighter fluid; this guarantees that you can use your lighter for a lifetime. Overall, it is a lightweight lighter that will inconspicuously fit into any pocket or bag. It is perfectly subtle for any camping trip.

3. Ronin Factory Flameless Rechargeable Electric Lighter

This lighter features a modern design that every forward-thinking man will appreciate. It is a frameless electric lighter perfect for outdoor use. It is built to resist both wind and water, so you do not have to worry about wet or windy camping days. Because it is rechargeable, you will get unlimited and long-lasting use. With a single charge, you could get up to 40 lighting cycles. It comes with a bright LED flashlight with a unique strobe feature for any nighttime support you may need. This is the lighter to go for if you want something stylish and functional.

4. Survival Frog Store Tesla 2.0 Lighter

For something lightweight and functional, consider this small but powerful lighter. With just the touch of a button, you can light a fire for your camping site. It is a rechargeable lighter that will give you hours of endless use. It only needs 2 hours to charge, after which you can use it up to 300 times. With proper care, this lighter could last a lifetime. Its design allows proper functioning in both rainy and windy conditions. The case is entirely plastic, and it has a wire safety latch. It comes with a durable flashlight and an emergency whistle making it a great camping tool.

5. TACAMO H2 Dual-Head Flameless Tesla Plasma ARC Lighter

If you are keen on waterproof ability, then consider this strong and reusable lighter. The design features a dual-arc plasma torch lighter. This lighter creates two instant-on 2,000-degree flameless tesla arc flames with just the touch of a button, making it perfect for rainy and windy days. It has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that guarantees lifetime use. It offers endless charging options including in your car and on your computer. It comes with an integrated LED flashlight that uses the same battery. Finally, it is bright orange to remain visible on the ground and underwater.

6. Mantello Cigars Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Lighter

This is a sophisticated and functional lighter with a modern design that will have heads turning. It has a windproof design featuring ventilation holes and a triple-flame design. It gives you adjustable gas flow and comes with a handy cutter for cigars. The sturdy design ensures that leaking is impossible, especially during shipping. The lighter is small, but powerful making it a perfect everyday item as it is not bulky. The body is made of alloy steel guaranteeing durability, and water resistance. It is perfect for barbecues and camping.

7. Version USB Rechargeable Double Arc Flameless Windproof Plasma Lighter

If you want something sophisticated, sleek, and guaranteed to get noticed, then you need this handy and stylish lighter. This design is the future of all lighters because it is practical and beautiful. It is a rechargeable, double arc, flameless, windproof, and butane-free lighter, perfect for sunshine, rain, and wind. It is user-friendly, eco-friendly, and has one of the best designs in the market today. It is entirely made of metal for resistance against water and corrosion. If you want a flameless lighter that seems straight from the future, consider this design.

8. SURVIVE Reusable Survival Lighter

For something small and compact that embraces the classic design of traditional lighters, look no further. This is a lightweight lighter built to make camping and barbecues a lot more fun. The housing is made from tough premium silver and gold solid stainless steel metal. This makes it resistant to wind, rain, and corrosion. The durable construction prevents leaking and ensures you get at least 5,000 strikes from the Perma long, endless striker. The retro design is perfect for men who appreciate vintage designs with a sustainable modern twist. For a small lighter, it is functional and reliable.

9. PROMISE Jet Torch Lighter

This is another classy lighter that you could even use to accessorize your outfit. It is a butane lighter with refillable options to ensure you get a lifetime use from this functional accessory. It offers a single power jet flame that is powerful, cool, and stylish. It comes with flame regulators that help to adjust the size of the flame. This regulator glides smoothly, making it simple to operate. The fuel tank is visible to let you know when it is time to refuel. This lighter is the epitome of convenience and style.

10. Morisky Switchable Soft Lighter

For something playful in design, be sure to consider this lighter. It has a cool foldable gun-shaped design entirely made of zinc alloy for strength and durability. This material is also resistant to corrosion and water, so you do not have to worry about rainy days during camping. It has a dual-flame function, with a trigger that allows you to switch through flames easily. The design features a creative valve switch that locks the lighter, preventing accidents. It also has a universal refillable valve for the convenience of users after purchase.

11. Q&G Dual Arc Lighter

This is an electric lighter that will give you sustainable and reliable use for the years to come. It has a lithium-ion battery that eliminates the need for liquid fuel. Its superior design also ensures that you can use it at any altitude without requiring adjustments. It has a waterproof ignition that ensures you get a flame even in the rain. Its compact size ensures that you can carry it comfortably in your pocket or bag. The impact-resistant ABS Zinc alloy design ensures you get use of your lighter for years to come.

12. lcfun Waterproof & Windproof Lighter

This lighter should be at the top of gift ideas for the man in your life. This is because it is first, waterproof complete with a cover and locking clasp. It prevents water from seeping in, ensuring that your tool stays dry even in the rain. It is frameless and windproof, and because it is rechargeable, it is a handy tool to include in your camping gear. Overall, its design embraces minimalism so that it will fit discreetly into your pocket or bag. Also, because it is lightweight, you can carry it anywhere you go.

13. Zippo Chrome Lighter

This is another product from Zippo that goes to prove that they are great manufacturers of lighters. This chrome lighter is lightweight, windproof, and features all-metal construction. This construction makes it resistant to water and corrosion. It also reduces the chances of damage due to impact. The construction of this lighter features a refillable tank to guarantee a lifetime of use with the proper maintenance. Because it uses Zippo lighter fluid, you never have to worry about running low on fuel. It burns slowly, giving you multiple uses before requiring refilling.

14. TG Plasma Windproof Waterproof USB Rechargeable Flameless Lighter

This lighter is a little different from others in design but retains outstanding functionality and reliability. It is made of a silicone rubber casting that gives you excellent grip even in the rain. It also helps to protect the whole lighter from moisture. This lighter is battery-operated and button-activated for easy starting. It is built with short circuit protection that guarantees years of use. The lighter is small, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Be sure to consider it for your next camping trip.

15. TOMOLO Triple Jet Flame Refillable Torch Lighter

This is a reliable and durable lighter. The lighter’s top is made from a durable zinc alloy material that ensures it is sturdy and durable. It has a practical design that features a fully transparent fuselage fuel tank and built-in cigar punch. The lighter will give you triple jet flames for more firepower to start fires or light a cigar. Its compact slender design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag. It is the perfect gift for any man.

16. Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Lighters

The name itself should tell you that this is a reliable and durable lighter. It is an electric lighter that only requires charging every once in a while. When fully charged, it will give you 100 to 300 uses making it perfect for a week of camping or fishing. It is built for safety and functionality, offering you the perfect flame with just the touch of a button. Its sleek design allows you to carry it comfortably in your bag or pocket. It is also quite stylish and is bound to turn heads wherever you go.

17. lcfun Windproof Arc Lighter

This economic energy-saving lighter is reusable and rechargeable. It will save you some money on refueling costs. It features a stylish design with rounded corners and a zinc alloy body. This makes it easy to carry in your pocket and protects the lighter from the rain. This frameless lighter is also windproof and is built with circuit protection technology guaranteeing lasting use. The overall design is attractive and carries an aesthetic appeal. This is the lighter to go for if you like simple but elegant designs.


🥇 Who makes the best lighters?

We thinkg that Lcfun makes the best lighters. They focus on reliable designs that lightweight, easy to use, waterproof, and windproof too.

🤔 Which lighters last the longest?

Electric lighters such as the lcfun Rechargeable Electric Waterproof Lighter last the longest. They are rechargeable with strong frames that can withstand the elements and impact.

🧐 Are Zippos good lighters?

Yes, they are. Zippo lighters offer the functional design of a refillable tank and fuel flame. They use a specific fuel from Zippo that burns slowly for lasting use.

🔥 What are the best torch lighters?

We think that the PROMISE Jet Torch Lighter is the best in the market thanks to its durable construction, reliability, and smooth glide regulator.

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