15 Best Cigar Cutters

A cigar cutter is a tool used to cut open the cigar.

This provides the smoker with a thick and satisfying puff each time.

Additionally, it ensures that the cigar remains as intact as possible. It is a classy tool that every cigar smoker should own.

There are many types of cigar cutters in the market. However, each design has one goal, to puncture or remove the cap of a cigar.

These handy tools make you look classy and can be what you need to make an impression on others.

When buying a good cigar cutter, you need to find the one that fits your needs, makes a statement, and blends with your style.

Luckily, we offer the following list of great choices to make the process easier.

1. Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

This is a charming and alluring cigar cutter that will make you look classy. It achieves its function excellently thanks to the stainless steel sharp blade. It has an ergonomic design to allow you comfort and ease of use. Additionally, the design features a spring-loaded release to prevent accidents while giving a clean cut. It comes in multiple colors.

2. Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

The design of this cigar cutter features an attractive and unique style. The blade is made from stainless steel, well-sharpened to ensure it does not dull for years to come. The design ensures you can cut up to a 60 ring gauge cigar. This allows you to be prepared for anything. It has a spring-loaded mechanism and ergonomic shape for comfortable use.

3. Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter

Next is this durable cutter that features an aluminum body. This guarantees durability for years and resistance to impact. The design also sees a stainless steel blade sharpened to a point, guaranteeing a smooth and clean cut each time. Additionally, it has a planetary gear system for a smooth release. Again, expect nothing but exceptional performance.

4. CIGARLOONG Cigar Cutter

The diameter of this cutter ensures that you can cut up to a 60 ring gauge. You will enjoy the beautiful engraving on either side of the cutter if you love unique features. The mechanism is open and close scissors for ease of use. Additionally, the cutter remains lightweight and easily portable. Perfect as a gift for any event.

5. Zertone Guillotine Cigar Cutter

This classic cigar cutter features a clean and easy-to-use design. The solid construction will draw you in and keep you there as it promises durability and long life. It has guillotine blades that self-sharpen to ensure it never goes dull. Plus, it is made of stainless steel, so it is an ideal lifelong companion.


This stable and quality cutting tool will make you look more sophisticated when you need to impress. It has stainless steel blades, giving the cutter a bit of weight, ideal for use. The design ensures that it is easy to use, and you never have to worry about the blades going dull. In addition, it comes in multiple colors to match your style.

7. LP Cigar – Guillotine Cutter

If you want something that stands out and gets you noticed, then go for this attractive cigar cutter. The unique design gives it a luxurious feel, making it a great conversation starter and eye-catching accessory. It is made of stainless steel, and the blades sharpen themselves ensuring lifelong use. It is also small and lightweight to enhance portability.

8. roygra 2 in 1 Cigar Cutter

This cutter has a classic lightweight design that favors portability. Besides this, you will enjoy a study and durable build designed to last a lifetime without coming apart. The handles feature smooth polish for comfort, and the blades are sharp and self-sharpening for your convenience. Each pack comes with five, so you can gift them to your friends too.

9. XIFEI Cigar Cutter

Consider this modern and stylish one for something unique that strays from the traditional design of cigar cutters. First, it features a quick spring-loaded release that makes clean cuts. Second, the blades are made from stainless steel, which self-sharpen for convenience. Finally, the body features contouring for both beauty and comfort. Plus, it comes in multiple colors.

10. GALINER Cigar Cutter

This cigar cutter has a stylish, lightweight design. It, therefore, slips into your pocket discreetly and conveniently. The blade is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, offering toughness and long-lasting use. The body has a unique build from zebra wood that also boosts visuals. Additionally, it has a spring-loaded release system for safe and one-handed use.

11. CIGARISM Zinc Alloy V-Cutter

The handle of this cutter is made from a zinc alloy. It is therefore smooth, easy to use, and great for all skin types. The blade is stainless steel, promising long-lasting use and clean cuts each time. It feels heavy in hand, making it ideal for its purposes. However, it is lightweight enough for easy portability.

12. ALASKA BEAR – Cigar Cutter

Made from brushed stainless steel, the body of this cutter provides a comfortable grip that resists impact too. It is made by fine craftsmen, featuring a sturdy and durable build plus stainless steel blade. These blades give you a clean cut each time. Additionally, they self-sharpen for your convenience. Finally, it comes in a fabulous gift bag, making it a giftable item.

13. Xikar VX2 V-Cut Cigar Cutter

This is something sophisticated and ideal for modern men. It has a classy ergonomic design that improves function while elevating visuals. The blade is set at an angle to give clean cuts each time. The stainless steel blade promises long-lasting use without the need for sharpening. The spring-loaded release ensures easy and safe use. And it comes in multiple colors.

14. TIALOVE Cigar Cutter

Next is this cool and stylish cigar cutter. It is made from solid stainless steel to give it a thick and heavy feeling in your hand. However, it retains portability by hand or bag, so you are always prepared. The blades are stainless steel and self-sharpening for clean cuts and convenience. It promises durability and comes in multiple colors.

15. Vertigo Big Daddy Cutter

Lastly is this stylish and lightweight cutter. It is made from plastic, featuring stainless steel blades that self-sharpen for longer use and clean cuts. The shape makes it easy to use, and it can fit wider ring gauges. Ultimately, it is convenient and comes in multiple colors.


🥇 What is the best type of cigar cutter?

The best type of cigar cutter has self-sharpening blades and a comfortable ergonomic design. We think that the Xikar VX2 V-Cut Cigar Cutter fits these characteristics best.

🧐 Is it better to punch or cut cigars?

It depends on what you prefer. Punching the cigar gives you a tighter draw, while a cut offers the opposite. Each is good, depending on your preference.

🤔 Are V Cutters good?

Yes, they are. They cut at a good angle, maintaining the integrity of the cigar. In addition, they allow access to the cigar for a thick and desirable draw each time.

❓ How long do cigar cutters last?

They could last forever with proper maintenance. If you get a good cigar cutter with self-sharpening blades and a durable body, it could last forever. Just take care of the body, and the blades will handle the rest.

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