18 Best Badge Holders

Take a close look at your ID badge?

Do you like what you see?

It is probably stuffed in your wallet or simply thrown into your pocket, depicting a level of casualness that should not be present in the workplace.

This is not the way to store or carry around your badge.

You should bring it in a safe way that depicts professionalism and will help the color last longer.

Although most people do not see the essence of a badge holder, you should.

A badge holder is a proper way to carry your id and other essential cards. It protects them from illegal RFID scanning and ensures that you maintain a professional profile.

Because badge holders come in many colors, it offers you the chance to suit up in your company colors. This makes you more presentable and easily identified in the building.

Sealable badge holders help to keep your badge sealed, which protects it from damage and ensures that it does not get lost.

A suitable badge holder is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to look professional and keep their cards safe.

When buying a badge holder, consider the following choices.

1. GOVO Polycarbonate Badge Holder

As a badge holder designed in the USA, this will be a great addition to your daily life. It is made of a durable and lightweight material known as polycarbonate. The edges are secured with steel fasteners improving the holder’s durability. It has a patent clip that allows you to carry your ID or cards in your pocket, belt, backpack, etc. This clip is made from manganese, making it durable and robust. This holder can carry up to 4 cards while maintaining its regular slim shape. Thanks to its capacity, it can be used as a wallet as well.

2. ELV Aluminum Badge Holder

This is a badge holder that has an aluminum body frame secured by steel fasteners. Durability is its main attraction, followed by several features. The bottom has a quick-release button that allows the easy and fast deployment of cards.it can carry up to 4 cards with the internal spring system maintaining its function well. On the front, you will find a full, bright polycarbonate screen that offers protection and the ease of accessing buildings and services. It is a great badge holder for those who need to carry more than one card around.

3. MURADIN Dapper Minimalist Card Holder

This is a great badge holder than can double as a wallet for the minimalists. Featuring a minimalist design, this holder maintains a slim profile with space for just the essentials. It is made of top-grain leather with mil-spec bolts to hold the wallet together well. It can hold up to 12 cards while maintaining its slim character. Even at full capacity, it is still much thinner than the traditional wallet. It comes with RFID blocking technology to ensure that your most essential cards remain safe from illegal scanning. It is a great gift idea for anyone.

4. OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder

If you are in the market for something a little more unique, then consider this badge holder. It stands out above the rest thanks to its many attractive features. It is made of 500D Cordura Nylon. This material is durable and robust. It is also resilient, so it will maintain its shape even when at full capacity. On the front part is a clear ID window for easy access and payment. It also has a detachable hook and loop for easy carrying. This also facilitates carrying styles; horizontal and vertical. Finally, it has a matte black split ring for keys, and other items.

5. Kate Spade New York ID Clip

For people who love to be fashionable with their accessories comes this lovely badge holder. From Kate Spade, this holder is nothing short of stylish and classy. It is made of 100% silicone making it very durable, flexible enough to fit anywhere, and versatile. This material facilitates easy maintenance through naturally hand washing. It has an elastic pocket for carrying ID, cards, badge, and business cards to bring what you need with you. The versatility of this card comes where it can be clipped to be used as a lanyard or stylish way to identify your luggage faster.

6. Aluminum Alloy ID Badge Holder

This is yet another great badge holder with beautiful features for people who want to look professional. It is the perfect workplace badge holder thanks to its simple design and neutral colors. It has a beautifully crafted lanyard that is adjustable to fit your size. The badge holder is made of beautiful aluminum with an iodized surface treatment to prevent rusting and give it an attractive appearance. It is surprisingly lightweight, even at full capacity. The front and rear have a transparent PVE protective film to keep your cards safe from damage and color fading.

7. ID Stronghold Secure Badge Holder

This is something a little more stylish and rustic. It is molded from PolyCarbonate that offers military-grade toughness. This is a badge holder that will last a long time. It is designed to be slim, even at full capacity, so that you can carry it around discreetly. The interior is built to conveniently carry two useful cards, such as ID and a credit card. It is made with an RFID shield so you can bring your credit cards safely and away from illegal scanning. It is available in 9 colors so you can match your company colors for a more professional look.

8. SUNDEE Badge Holder

This is something a little more fun that will help you stand out in a crowd of neutral colors. It is a stylish badge holder made of premium Polyester Fiber topped with firm stitching. This fabric allows excellent air permeability, wet permeability, and moisture evaporation rate. The structure of this badge holder is a Clear ID window, three covered card slots at the back, and 1 RFID blocked cash slot with a zipper pocket on the side. It comes in 13 beautiful patterns and a sturdy lanyard with a key ring for hanging essential keys.

9. Fallen One Premium Badge Holder

This is something a little more futuristic for the modern person. It is a substantial duty badge holder that can fit most cards. It is made of hard plastic to protect your cards from damage upon impact. This plastic is resilient, even at full capacity. It is also easy to clean, lightweight, sturdy, and overall durable. Its futuristic design with two slot holes on the sides allows you to carry it vertically and horizontally. The design facilitates two ID cards at the same time on each side. It is also open on both sides for convenience.

10. Specialist ID Retractable Badge Holder

This beautiful badge holder is made of lightweight Polycarbonate Reel. It includes a durable key ring to allow you to carry essential keys with you. This badge holder comes with a durable spring with a strong retraction force. The 24 inch Kevlar cord also offers extreme durability for a long-lasting experience. The no-twist design keeps the badge from spinning around. The interior can hold three cards, so you can bring only what is essential to you. Best of all, it works on your belt loop to securely carry your cards and keys easily.

11. ELV Retractable Badge Holder

This is a modern type of badge holder that is unique and designed for minimalists. It is engineered with a 24-inch high-grade plastic with a laminated steel cable. It extends and glides smoothly for easy access, and will last a long time. The body is made of sturdy polycarbonate that will last longer and look beautiful housing your cards. It has a built-in clip to attach to your belt or pants conveniently. This holder also comes with a heavy-duty carabiner that is crafted from high-quality zinc alloy. On the carabiner, you will find one more accessory—a key ring for your essential keys.

12. COACH Signature ID Holder

This is yet another great badge holder on the list that is as stylish as it is functional. It comes in many colors, which allows you to match your company colors. This gives you the option of looking professional but stylish. The multiple color options also enable you to stand out at meetings and conferences. It comes with a detachable lanyard for versatility and has a tastefully placed logo on the bottom. It has several pockets to help you carry the cars that you need the most. Best of all, the material is resilient and remains slim.

13. Outus Waterproof Badge Holder

This waterproof ID holder that ensures your cards remain protected from damage. It is made of sturdy such-proof ABS plastic. It also has rubber O-ring to help keep out dust and water. It is entirely airtight for durability and ultimate protection. This feature makes it great for a company getaway where you want to go swimming, rafting, canoeing, and scuba diving. This package comes with three clear vertical badge holders with detachable lanyards. It is an excellent item for daily use so you can pay and access places conveniently.

14. Specialist Top Load Badge Holder

If you need something a little more rigid, this is the holder for you. It is made of sturdy plastic with a substantial duty safety breakaway lanyard. It is adjustable to fit your needs. The front of the badge has a clear window for picture IDs to give you convenient access. The interior can hold three standard credit cards and ID. This holder lets you carry more than most so it can double as a wallet for those who pay with credit cards. It has a detachable keychain that enables you to take lets safely.

15. ELV Badge Holder with Zipper

This is yet another great professional badge holder that will make you look more professional. It is a great holder for those who need to carry multiple badges at a time. The structure has one clear ID window, one open card slot with a pull tab at the front, three covered card slots, and an RFID protected card slot with a zippered pocket for secure protection. The clear ID window is convenient as it makes it easy to scan cards without taking them out. It is made of PU leather, making it durable and professional.

16. Teskyer Badge Holder

If simplicity and style were a badge holder, it would be this one. It is made of beautiful leather that is durable and easy to clean. The structure features one large clear ID window with a slot in the front for small items. It has two card slots in the back with a secure flip cover for protection. The middle has one zippered pocket that can fit another card or small easy-to-lose items. It comes with a retractable lanyard that can extend to 32 inches, which allows easy swiping while it is still around your neck.

17. Lucstar Reel Clip Badge Holder

This is something a little more unique in the market but just as durable and beautiful. One of the desirable features of this holder is the anti-lost snap button slot. This button tightly holds the cards, or cash in case they drop out by mistake. The structure has one front window slot for your ID card, and two back card slots to hold extra cards, and items. It has a broader lanyard than most badge holders. This offers the advantage of relieving pressure on the neck. It is also retractable for convenience.

18. ID Stronghold Duolite Badge Holder

With this professional badge holder, you can protect your cards from illegal scanning. This is thanks to the RFID blocking feature that comes with each holder. This feature allows it to double as a functional wallet for minimalists. The body is made slim from polycarbonate that is tough enough to serve you for years to come. The structure facilitates holding two cards, at the same time with one on each side. It has an adjustable and detachable lanyard. It also comes with a carabiner retractable badge reel. It is a great professional badge holder for everyone.

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