What to Look for When Buying a Wallet

Every man should have a wallet. Any man who doesn’t have one probably stopped carrying it because it got too old, or maybe because it got lost or stolen.

Buying a wallet is quite a simple thing.

However, you need to know exactly what you are looking for, and what the trend is in the world of wallets.

Otherwise, any salesperson will sway you into buying poor quality products, or even less stylish/ convenient ones for very high price.

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Wallet History and Origin


Wallet does not need and introduction- it is that small leather case you carry in your pocket to carry cash, cards and documents. Of the enormous number of accessories that we use in our daily lives, most people will agree that a wallet ranks among the top 3 devices you don’t want to lose under any circumstances. From being the carrier of your vitals to being a fashion statement, a Wallet shoulders a heavy weight of your expectations.

But like all important devices a wallet too has a long evolutionary time line which renders this sophisticated little device of vital importance, into our lap. It would be naive to think that a wallet’s emergence is only recent and has only seen but a few modifications of form to become what it is today. It would not be too far from the truth to expostulate that wallets are as old as man-kind. Closer still would be to assume that wallets came into existence once the mankind started to feel the need to carry things around. Continue reading Wallet History and Origin

14 Best Tactical Wallets

For most people out there, the wallet is probably one of the most important accessories.

This is because without a wallet, you will have no place for your cash or your cards, and it will make things very difficult.

There are many kinds of wallets that you can buy right now; however, nowadays, people like to carry cards instead of cash. This has allowed people to carry wallets that are much slimmer and smaller in size.

With tactical wallets, you can that something extra that you want from a decent wallet.

There are various kinds of tactical wallets that you can buy, but here we will take a look at some of the best ones you can find online.

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17 Best Money Clips

Carrying a wallet with credit cards and multiple bills may not be the best way to look professional.

Your wallet could quickly become full, leading to a conspicuous bulge in your pocket.

Not only does this look weird, but it is also uncomfortable.

However, leaving your cash at home may not be the best option for you.

Luckily, money clips are still in, and you could benefit from one.

Money clips are convenient for managing and carrying your cash every day.

No longer will you have to dig through your pockets for what seems like forever just to pay for your coffee. A money clip also ensures that your cash remains neatly organized in your pocket throughout the day.

It is fast, lightweight, and convenient; perfect for any working man.

Selecting a good money clip has never been easier. There are many good options in the market that are strong, stylish, and lightweight.

If you plan on being a part of the money clip community, consider the following suitable choices.
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17 Best Checkbook Covers and Wallets

Even though the world is moving towards online banking, the need for cash and checkbooks is still there.

However, there is no rule that tells you to carry a basic checkbook; on the contrary, there are ways that will allow you to up your checkbook game.

Checkbook covers have been around for a long time, but the average public never got to use them due to some unknown reasons.

However, all of that changes today because here you will find some of the best checkbook covers that you can buy right now.
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17 Best iPhone Wallet Cases

Nowadays, almost everyone likes to travel light, but there are not many things that you can leave home.

Everyone carries a phone so, what if you were able to strike two birds with one stone.

Phone cases are becoming more and more useful day by day, and now you can find cases that can even double as wallets. Since there is little need to carry cash, people often make do with just their credit or debit cards.

There are many phone case wallets that you can find which will allow you to do the same.

So, here you will find some iPhone case wallets that will help you reduce your bulk.

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12 Best Wallet Chains

Wallets are more than just a vehicle for your cash and credit cards. Instead, they are also a fashion statement. Like most other things, wallets can also be customized to give them a more personal touch.

You can do many things to your wallet, but one of the most hassle-free things is to have a chain to your wallet. The chain not only changes the look of your wallet; it also keeps your wallet safe and makes a statement while doing so.

There are many wallet chains that you can buy, but here you will find some of the best ones.

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23 Best Credit Card Holders

Nowadays, most of the transactions we make throughout our day have been overtaken by internet banking.

As a result, the need for carrying cash all the time has diminished. However, there are still people out there who like to bring some cash and, most importantly, their credit cards.

If you are one of these people, then you should purchase a cardholder wallet.

If you keep on reading, you will find some of the best options down below.
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13 Best Vegan Wallets for Men

Vegan wallets are becoming more popular.

More men realize that they need to do their part in preventing animal cruelty and preserving the environment. This admirable deed has reflected on their choice of accessories bringing in a new age of fashion that is stylish and great for the environment.

Today, there are many vegan wallets on the market, and it can be hard to choose just one. We encourage you to have a few for every occasion.

As experts in all things men, we compiled a detailed list of the market’s best vegan wallets. This list comprises of vegan wallets made from the best materials and with the best qualities.

Read on to get insight into the best vegan wallets for men in the market today.
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27 Best Bifold Wallets for Men

A wallet is more than an essential item. It is also an accessory that every man should have. It can also be a fashion statement, a representation of your personality and signature style. Therefore, buying a good wallet should neither be quick nor rushed.

Buying a wallet calls for making a few considerations to get the best one.

First, you need to look at the design. Bifold wallets, called also bill fold wallets are all the rage nowadays, so it is best to go for such as design. Ensure that it is simple but elegant and can serve many purposes.

Second, consider the size of the wallet. Minimalism is all the rage so if you can survive with few items, then go for it. However, other options are compact but can hold many things. These are best because they fit discreetly into your pockets.

Finally, consider the material. Wallets nowadays come in many fabric options, including leather, canvas, and polyester. Leather is the traditional option and a great one too. However, other fabrics are suitable as long as they are durable and robust.
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