12 Best Keychain Wallets

When you leave the house, there are three essential things that you check for, your wallet, keys, and cellphone.

The same goes for when you come back to the house. It is normal to forget one or even two of these items. It is even more common to lose one of these items.

Manufactures noticed the problem and the age of the keychain wallet was born.

The keychain wallet provide you with the option of putting your keys and wallet together so you can always have your wallet when you have your keys.

The essence of a good keychain wallet is in two factors:

The first is the size; because it combines your wallet and keys into one carry, it needs to be small enough to fit in your bag or pocket. The compact wallets offer more by being less, they can hold your money and keys without making unwanted protrusions in your pocket.

The quality of the material is second factor. You should always go for higher quality fabrics that do not tear. This is because, keys can be a little heavy, and so you will need a wallet whose keychain will not detach from the wallet after some time.

Here is our list with the best keychain wallets, you can order online today.

1. SERMAN BRANDS Slim Wristlet Wallet

This wallet is made from the finest vegan leather in the market. It is stylish and functional. It is a slim wallet that fits perfectly into your purse of bag making it perfect for anyone who does not like to carry a big wallet around. Surprisingly, the compact design still gives you enough room for 6 to 8 cards, several folded bills, and some coins. The interior also has RFID blocking technology. The keychain is stylish and durable, not to mention, detachable. It comes in 12 beautiful colors including a vibrant fuchsia.

2. Coach Mini Skinny Wallet

The name ‘Mini Skinny’ speaks for itself with this wallet. It features a compact and lightweight design that feels like you are carrying nothing in your pocket. The exterior is made from signature coated canvas; a very strong and durable material. This fabric is also the ideal substitution for leather. The closer is a zip at the top that glides smoothly with each open. The interior features a smooth fabric lining, except for the skillfully placed ID window on the side. It comes in 5 luxurious colors and patterns including a subtle khaki.

3. Visconti Leather Key Case Wallet

If you are looking for something a little more unique in the keychain wallet market, then this is the wallet for you. This wallet is uniquely designed from 100% quality genuine leather. It features a reliable snap closure; two front snaps that safely secure the contents. The interior has a bill section that can house several bills at a time. There is also a zippered section; this is perfect for keeping your coins in. the most unique feature of this wallet is 6 individual clips that are located on the interior.

4. Thread Wallets Slim Minimalist Wallet

This wallet is considered a minimalists dream thanks to its slim and compact design. It is a durable wallet made of tight-knit elastic that will last a long time. The interior features slots that can hold up to 8 credit cards; ideal for those who need to keep the essentials close. On the front is an elastic pocket where you can keep your most frequently used card. The side has a stitched-on key ring that is durable and reliable. It comes in beautiful, unique, and vibrant patterns and colors.

5. Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet

From Michael Kors comes a unique wallet that goes for functionality, without sacrificing style. The exterior features a slim body made from saffiano finished leather that looks good as it ages. The front has polished golden tone hardware of the brand name adding character to the wallet. It has a zip-top compartment with a card slip and a tethered split key ring inside. This pocket can fit several cards, folded bills, and a few coins without filling out your pocket. On the back is a clear ID slot big enough to fit 2 cards.

6. GintaXen Leather Zip Wallet

This is a well-crafted keychain wallet that is great for both bills and credit cards. It features an exterior made of top-notch grain cowhide leather that ages beautifully with proper maintenance. The zipper closure runs on a smooth silver zip. The interior has enough space for 10 cards, 10 folded bills, and a few coins. The interior is also lined with RFID blocking technology to protect your cards from illegal scanning. The chain on the wallet is quite an attraction, it is made from high-quality materials making it durable and strong. It is also removable.

7. Genuine Leather Zipper Keychain Wallet

This wallet is well-designed for the person who is always looking for more. It is made of genuine leather making it strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion. The zipper closure runs on the edges of the wallet for convenience and security. It features high-quality nylon stitching that offers you a lifetime of keeping it together. The interior has 2 large compartments, several credit card slots, and 2 slots for coins and cash. The wallet is equipped with the most advanced RFID technology and a specially designed keyring that is easily detachable.

8. The Sak Iris Wallet

This is a beautiful wallet that has a lot of great features. The first is the hard body exterior; it is made from leather, a very durable fabric that ages beautifully. The second is the zipper closure that leads to the functional interior. The interior features a polyester lining that feels luxurious and safely nestles your bills, cards, and coins. While it is small and compact, it can house 7 credit cards, has 2 slit pockets for your bills, and 1 clear id picture. Finally, it has a split key and a dog leash.

9. Kinzd Slim Front Pocket Wallet

This yet another minimalist wallet that features an ultra-slim design. This is great for slipping in and out of your pocket or purse easily. It is made of 100% Napa Genuine Leather that is both strong and durable. It is also a softer and glossier option for regular leather. The ezxterior4 has card slots for your most frequently used card. The interior features card slots, and a large compartment for your bills. The RFID blocking technology is advanced in this wallet so you can be sure your vital information stays with you.

10. ZOOEASS Mini Soft Leather Bifold Wallet

This is one of the keychain wallets on the market made for the woman on the go. It is made from soft leather featuring a bifold design to help you carry more without being too bulky. The detail on this wallet is vibrant as each is handcrafted by the finest wallet makers. The interior is made with 5card slots, 1 ID window, 1 bill section, 1 zip coin pocket, 1 card sleeve have 3 card slots proving to be roomy for the woman who wants more. Finally, it has RFID blocking technology to keep your information secure.

11. Vera Bradley Iconic Wallet

This is an iconic wallet design from Vera Bradley that is both functional and stylish. The exterior is a durable and unique denim fabric that comes in various colors to match your needs. It has a keychain on the side for the convenience of your keys. The interior is lined with microfiber polyester; a luxurious fabric that keeps your money and cards safe from damage. On the front is a large ID window for your most used card; perfect for the grab and go type of woman. The compact design tucks away subtly into your purse.

12. imeetu Leather Wallet

The last wallet on this list comes from imeetu, a brand that produces some of the best wallets in the market today. If you are looking for something a little more stylish and unique, then look no further than this wallet. It is designed from high-quality premium leather that possesses excellent hand feel. It has 2 large zipper compartments that can hold many cards, bills, and coins. It is also big enough for your lipstick, and compact. It has an attractive bee logo on the front that will stand out in front of your friends.

28 Best Slim Front Pocket Wallets for Men

There is an old school method for carrying a wallet where the man stuffs a big hunk of junk in their back pocket and continues with their day.

For many decades, this is how most men carried their wallets.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, many were left with sore backs; that is unless a pickpocket managed to snag it first.

Sitting on your wallet creates an imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips, placing stress on your hip joint and lower back. Eventually, you could compress the sciatic nerve which translates to pain.

It is no surprise therefore that most medical professionals agree that sitting on your wallet is a bad idea. The obvious solution to curing your ache is to get your wallet out of your back pocket.

However, most of your traditional wallets are too thick and bulky to comfortably place into a front pocket. That being said, the need for a new style of wallet arose.

People needed something that was slim and lightweight and could easily fit into a front pocket. Thus came the front pocket wallet that was designed to be slim and compact.

Therefore, if you are looking to take care of your pelvis and back, consider getting one of the following front pocket wallets.
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30 Best Chain Wallets for Men

Chain wallets are not as popular as they were back in the 1950’s.

However, this does not mean that they are not stylish, a key accessory or even functional.

People more than often wonder what the purpose of a chained wallet is?

Well, around midcentury, credit cards were invented and people would often receive discounts and gifts if they pay cash. As such manufacturers began making wallets with more space for cash. An added feature than came with this stylish wallets with chain that could loop onto your belt loop.
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🥇 29 Best & Cool Carbon Fiber Wallets For Men

Carbon is a great material for making wallets. One notable advantage of carbon wallets is that they are very light. In reality, the weight of a carbon wallet is almost entirely the weight of its contents. The thickness of carbon can be made to be very small, unlike with other materials such as aluminium.
Carbon is also a strong material, actually five times stronger in the making of wallets than steel. Being so durable, it could easily last for your whole life.
As you will tell from this article, carbon fiber wallets also have their own unique classy look.

Here are the 29 best carbon fiber wallets in the market right now:
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47 Best and Cool Men’s Money Clip Wallets

Fat wallets have been popular for a long time.

However, given the recent financial innovations we have experienced, people have resorted to carrying thinner wallets for the few cards and cash they may need.

Even in developing countries, many financial transactions can be executed using credit cards or mobile phone services.

That said, the reality on the ground is that even in the most developed countries, most people still need to carry a few bills in addition to the credit cards and debit cards.

This is because the society has not yet adapted fully to the idea of being cashless.

So whether you are the real minimalist man who never carries cash, or a man transitioning into the minimalist lifestyle, there is always something for you in the world of classy wallets.

You can always get a wallet to carry your many cards, and even cash bills. Some money clip wallets can even carry coins, although the idea of carrying coins in a wallet is frowned upon by many.
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79 Best Men’s Minimalist Wallets

Minimalist wallets are the way to go for the modern man. The world is developing into a cashless society, and it is no wonder that people are looking for wallets that can carry even less items.

If you have never owned a slim minimalist wallet or are looking to replace yours, then this is the right place to be.

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Wallet History and Origin


Wallet does not need and introduction- it is that small leather case you carry in your pocket to carry cash, cards and documents. Of the enormous number of accessories that we use in our daily lives, most people will agree that a wallet ranks among the top 3 devices you don’t want to lose under any circumstances. From being the carrier of your vitals to being a fashion statement, a Wallet shoulders a heavy weight of your expectations.

But like all important devices a wallet too has a long evolutionary time line which renders this sophisticated little device of vital importance, into our lap. It would be naive to think that a wallet’s emergence is only recent and has only seen but a few modifications of form to become what it is today. It would not be too far from the truth to expostulate that wallets are as old as man-kind. Closer still would be to assume that wallets came into existence once the mankind started to feel the need to carry things around. Continue reading Wallet History and Origin

What to Look for When Buying a Wallet

Every man should have a wallet. Any man who doesn’t have one probably stopped carrying it because it got too old, or maybe because it got lost or stolen.

Buying a wallet is quite a simple thing.

However, you need to know exactly what you are looking for, and what the trend is in the world of wallets.

Otherwise, any salesperson will sway you into buying poor quality products, or even less stylish/ convenient ones for very high price.

So what exactly do you need to look for in a wallet? Continue reading What to Look for When Buying a Wallet

7 Places to Keep Coins When Having a Minimalist Wallet

Wallets are supposed to be slim and minimalist, especially since the use of cash is quickly fading from our system.

Most people today operate with credit cards and debit cards, and that is basically all that they carry in their wallets.

It therefore makes no sense to have a huge wallet in your pocket.

The only thing worse than having a huge wallet bulging through your pants is having to carry heavy coins around. Coins keep making that irritating jangling noise in your pocket, and also make your pockets feel very heavy.

Not to mention the fact that coins easily fall out of your pocket whenever you engage in some high energy activities, or even just sit on the ground.

So what can you do about your coins?
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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Carrying a Front Pocket Wallet?

When I first heard of a front pocket wallet, I was thinking that it was just another one of those hipster things that people just want to happen. I scoffed the idea at first while quietly reassuring my back pocket wallet that I will never ever let it go.

But the more I read about front pocket wallets, I realized that its not just going to be a fad. It’s not like Friendster that we all remember as a “phase”.

There really are some legitimate points on why front pocket wallets are better than the regular back pocket wallet.

Just to be clear. I was once a non-believer like you. Although it pains me to say it, I am a convert.
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